Read: Yankees Cano was never much of a prospect

In an article that is hidden behind ESPN Insider’s pay-wall, Kevin Goldstein discusses what kind of prospect, or non-prospect Robinson Cano was as a youngster.

We’ve known that the Yankees tried to trade him quite a few times, most notable is the deal that would have had him included in the Alex Rodriguez trade. However this is the first time I’ve seen an article that tries to figure out why they tried to trade him so often and never really considered him a prospect.

If you are an insider you should definitely check out the entire article. Unfortunately I know most readers are not so here are a few choice quotes from the Yankees senior vice president, Mark Newman:

“He wasn’t the highest-profile player by any stretch of the imagination,” said Newman, a senior vice president with the Yankees who leads their player development staff. “He was a shortstop, but he couldn’t run; he was even a 40 (on a grading scale of 40-80) back then, so there was just nothing flashy about him. But we liked his bat, especially his hands, and so he had the one tool that trumps all others…

“The industry didn’t believe in him,” Newman added. “And, to be fair, we didn’t exactly have guys jumping up and down around here saying this guy is going to be one of the best hitters in baseball.”

It just goes to show that can’t miss prospects can often miss and guys who nobody has ever heard of can sometimes be really surprising.

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