Yankees Plan on Exercising Nick Swisher’s $10.25 Mil Option

It was only five games, but Nick Swisher‘s pathetic playoff performance has many fans thinking that it might be best for him to move on. However, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York, the Yankees plan on exercising his $10.25 million option to keep him in Pinstripes through 2012.

This is a smart move even if you are of the belief that he isn’t very good. The bottom line is that his regular season production is above average, putting up a 123 OPS+ in three seasons. He also plays solid defense and has been durable, playing in 150 games in each of the three seasons. All of that for $10.25 million is a steal.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be back in 2012 though as his contract does make him an attractive bat for a team that isn’t looking to spend big dollars. The Yankees can decide to exercise his option and then flip him to another team like they did with Gary Sheffield after the 2006 season.

That remains very unlikely though as any package the Yankees would get in return for Swisher probably wouldn’t be worth as much as Swisher himself is. So expect another season with Swishalicious in right.

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5 Responses to Yankees Plan on Exercising Nick Swisher’s $10.25 Mil Option

  1. Victor says:

    I'm Dr, D.
    We'll take one step at a time to make things easy to understand. Yankees plan on excercising Swisher's $10.25 mil option! Bad move. Swisher's up beat mannor is fun to watch, but that is countered by things he can not do on the field, like GOOD SPEED and batting over 260 as a switch hitter. I like Swisher's 30 homers a year but its not needed. We have enough home run hitters on the team (imbalance).
    Currently, the Yankees have at least three players (Nunez, Dickerson, and Golson) that have more speed and stronger arms than Swisher in right field as indicated by Joe during late inning defensive replacements. Given the chance, (which Joe will not give them) each one can match Swisher's career batting average of around 250. They are younger, bring more tools to the game than Swisher and will cost alot less. This is an easy call but difiicult to see if your blind.
    That's it for now, next post is "The Main Cause for Losing to Detroit''.

    • Very good post, $10.25 isn't very cheap when you consider all what you said and also he has never been good during playoffs,
      There are not very good options on the free agency but we have capable players for $10 less and we can spend that for pitchers

    • Joe says:

      I could not agree more with Victor. Play a platoon of Nunez and Dickerson. They have more tools and are cheaper. Swisher hits only the back end of the rotation pitchers who you never see in the playoffs. Thus, his horrible Octobers continue

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    The one option, if the Yanks decided NOT to renew Swisher's option, is Michael Cuddyer. Granted Cuddyer isn't a switch-hitter like Swish, just a righty hitter. Swish is RF/1B/DH. Cuddyer is 1 1/2 years older than Swish, Cuddyer can play RF, 1B, 3B and even 2B if needed. 162 ga. averages? Cuddyer .272-20-82, OPS+ 111

  3. Mike Sommer says:

    lost the second half. Swish .254-28-89, OPS+ 116

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