Yankees Season Riding On AJ Burnett’s Shoulders

After getting beaten 5-3 on Sunday and 5-4 on Monday by the Tigers the Yankees turn to starting pitcher A.J. Burnett with their season on the line, down 2-1 in the best of five ALDS, on Tuesday night.

Burnett obviously has not had a good season finishing with an 11-11 record and a 5.15 ERA over 33 games. He is 1-2 with a 5.67 ERA during the postseason in his career.

The Tigers will go with local product Rick Porcello who went 14-9 with a 4.75 ERA in 31 starts this season.

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4 Responses to Yankees Season Riding On AJ Burnett’s Shoulders

  1. jjo says:

    old, overrated, overpaid, overdone

  2. malibulou says:

    oh well there goes the championship. Maybe after the night is over Geraldi and Burnett will have a new place to hang their hats next season. Geraldi is in denial when he says Sabathia pitched well, I don't know maybe I watching a different game.

  3. Jaime B. says:

    I tried to tell people a few months ago… AJ will get a start in the playoffs and pitch well… and they all said Garcia this Garcia that… Burnett impressed….I have faith in my team… Seems many Yankee fans don't….

  4. Fred says:

    Finally something goes our way.

    Great game in every way.