Yankees to Start Sabathia on Monday

The rain last night messed with the Yankees rotation. Instead of going with Ivan Nova in game two, Freddy Garcia in game three, and then CC Sabathia and Nova again to finish the series the Yankees will now turn to Sabathia in game three on Monday, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

That would set Garcia up to start game two and it forces the Yankees to turn to A.J. Burnett for game four. If there is a game five Nova is expected to pitch. Meanwhile Justin Verlander is scheduled to start game three, per the NY Post.

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6 Responses to Yankees to Start Sabathia on Monday

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    The last I saw, Verlander is scheduled to start Game 3 on Monday against CC.

  2. David K. says:

    A.J. in game 4!!! This series has disaster written all over it. 2006 all over again.

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    I'll admit, I'm not feeling too happy, either, but, as I've said elsewhere, it's not all roses for the Tigers, either: they start Porcello against Burnett, and his numbers are very nearly as bad as Burnett's. So let's hope the final score in Game 4 is 15-14, Yanks …

  4. Alex. .180 or so since returning from surgery. 3 HR in his last 160 AB. Yet Girardi continues to bat him cleanup. Seriously. What other team bats someone cleanup who has 3 HR in his last 160 AB. I would have had Gardner leadoff, then Jeter, Granderson, Cano, Teix then Alex (if I play him over Chavez!). It's obvious Alex isn't Alex, but there he is at cleanup and killing us. C'mon. Drop him. Or is there $32 MM reasons not to. It's obvious A-Rod can't hit 4th. It was obvious CC didn't have it and that he should never have Started the sixth after struggling all night long. Soriano starts the 7th. Where Hughes? I would never have used Soriano for a 2nd inning. Just me.

    • David K. says:

      Girardi is the biggest idiot in baseball right now. This year he has started this ridiculous thing where every reliever pitches one inning and has a special inning for himself. So the whole year he never used Soriano more than one inning in a game. Then all of a sudden, Soriano pitches a second inning? All I'm saying is that sometimes during the regular season, Soriano and all of the other relievers should have pitched two innings in a game. Then maybe you can expect them to perform well in such situations come playoff time. Since he never used Soriano for two innings during the regular season, Girardi should have gone to Robertson or someone else next inning.

  5. Fred says:

    CC did have it, the ump didn't call it. I agree about the Arod stuff though, enough is enough with him. Torre caught hell for batting him 7th back in the day, but I think Girardi should make a similar move if he wants to have his best lineup out there.

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