Are the Yankees Trying to Trade Nick Swisher?

There is a growing belief around the league that the Yankees have been “marketing” Nick Swisher this offseason, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

Olney said that the Yankees have denied the claim, but that they are willing to listen to offers for anyone. He added that the Yankees have been getting calls about Nick Swisher, something Brian Cashman himself confirmed the other day.

With a few outfielders available on the free agent market, it would make sense for the Yankees to deal Swisher if they were able to upgrade their pitching staff while doing so. Grady Sizemore is apparently close to re-signing with the Indians, but there is still Cuban phenom Yoenis Cespedes and former Met Carlos Beltran available among other outfielders.

I compiled a list of the best 11 starting pitchers that could be traded this offseason earlier this week.

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5 Responses to Are the Yankees Trying to Trade Nick Swisher?

  1. Joe says:

    Trade him for in a package for starting pitching without including any young arms or catching talent. . Nick does not hit good pitching that is typically displayed in October. His numbers over the past 3 Post Seasons defend my position.

    • oldyank55 says:

      How many other outfielders hit 81 home runs and drove in 256 runs with a 3+ WAR all three years. How do you expect us to get back to the playoffs without him????

      • Gonzalo says:

        I don't care how many other outfielders hit that.
        YES we would be in playoffs without him, I prefer to see somebody who isn't afraid to good pitchers

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Rob, was it you who suggested a A. Jones/ J.D Drew platoon to replace Swisher? I'm no particular fan of Swisher but why are fans so angry at him? Next year he'll hit 7th. Am I wrong or will he be the best 7th hitter in the majors? I know about his post season failures, and I agree he's not part of the club's long term plan, but who play's RF instead? Nunez? And if you're idea is to trade Swisher and sign Beltran you need to take a crash course on sports injuries. Beltran will never go another season without spending a month on the DL.

    • I never said any such thing. I want no part of J.D. Drew. I also only think Beltran makes sense on a one or two year deal and only if the Yankees find somebody who will swap a pitcher for Swisher first. Nothing against Swisher, they would just be better off trading him than Gardner or Granderson.

      As for why Swisher gets a bad rap, most fans are just unreasonable. Yes, his struggles in the postseason are very real, but I am a firm believer in sample sizes. 124 at bats is just not enough to judge anybody. That's like trying to pick the MVP in May. The truth is that he is one of the best outfielders in the game for the money he makes and the Yankees were lucky they fleeced the White Sox when they landed him.

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