Cashman Willing to Get Creative to Trade A.J. Burnett

When speaking with reporters this afternoon, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said that as with all players that don’t have full no trade clauses that he would be open to listening to creative trade proposals for A.J. Burnett.

“I think it would be hard to replace his innings,” Cashman said to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York. “I am open-minded if anyone wants to approach me on anyone on this roster that doesn’t have a full no-trade clause. The worst I can tell them is no. I don’t care if it is a position player or a pitcher.

“Unless you are strapped with the full no-trade that precludes me from even listening, I’m open to creativity. I’m open to listening to anything anyone has to offer.”

This clearly isn’t ground breaking news or anything. The only reason I posted it was because it reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry sold his van and Kramer made him include a line in the ad that said, “interesting trades considered.” Well, this seemed to have been Cashman’s way of saying the same thing to the rest of the league. He is willing to get rid of A.J. and he is willing to get creative to do it.

It still seems doubtful that they will be able to swing a deal. Burnett still has two-years and $33 million coming his way. He also has a limited no-trade clause where he can block deals to up to 10 teams.

If they are willing to get creative enough it is not as impossible as it was a year or two ago. That’s because he has just two years left on his deal. Some of the more popular, crazy trade ideas out there – like swapping him for Carlos Zambrano or Jason Bay – aren’t likely because those players actually have worse contracts at this point (Why the Yankees would want an outfielder as bad as Bay is another conversation all together).

So while an A.J. Burnett trade is still very unlikely, it’s good to know that Cashman is at least willing to get creative to move him.

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6 Responses to Cashman Willing to Get Creative to Trade A.J. Burnett

  1. Dan says:

    Yea for cashman! Send him back to little league, or better yet, home.

  2. Bronx_Knight says:

    AJ is a failed experiment. Two years with among the worst ERAs in the American League. A record over that span of 21-26. How do you compile a losing record pitching for a team that during that time generated the most runs in the majors?

    No, goodbye, I say. Join Kei Igawa in the netherworlds of failed pitchers. Eat his contract, trade him to the Mets for their second-best bat boy.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Trading a bad player with a big contract, albeit for only 2 more years, requires one of 3 conditions: the willingness to pay part of his salary, taking back the other team's bad contract, or settling for virtually nothing in return, or some combination of the three. The Derek Lowe trade is a frame of reference, the Braves are paying two-thirds of his salary and taking back a low level minor leaguer.
    The virtues of a Burnett for Zambrano swap are that Zambrano's contract is only for 1 more season (not a worse contract), and he has been a better pitcher. The negatives are Zambrano's well known "personality problems". Taking Bay ( 2 years) off the Mets' hands has less to do with wanting Bay, because as you hint, no team would, but with needing to include Swisher as part of any deal to acquire a pitcher to take Burnett's place. If you don't need to include Swisher, then fine, trade Burnett for a minor leaguer and let it go at that.
    The point is that a rotation of Sabathia, Nova, Burnett, Garcia, Hughes is not plausible as a pennant winner. Changing that requires replacing the 2 real duds (Burnett and Hughes) with something better.

  4. Nick says:

    How to fix the Yankees in 4 moves

    1. Sign Darvish if..but really when he becomes available
    2. Sign Buehrle and let CJ Wilson go back to Texas
    3. Trade AJ Burnett and Swisher for a lefty out of the pen and a starter
    4. Sign Beltran

    Now heres your team
    1. Jeter
    2. Granderson
    3. Tex
    4. ARod
    5. Cano
    6. Beltran
    7. Montero
    8. Martin
    9. Gardner

    1. CC
    2. Nova
    3. Darvish
    4. Buehrle
    5. Starter picked up in AJ trade

    • Tanned Tom says:

      I can go with some of this. But there's no way Swisher (who's signed for one year) and Burnett will bring a starter. Better to just dump Burnett for a minor leaguer and promote to fill the spot. And please with Beltran. He's 35 with bad knees, can't really be a full time outfielder, wants a multi-year deal and we already have A-Rod to be the DH? The last thing this team needs is another over 35 player on a long term deal. I like Buehrle and think he's the sleeper of this year's free agent class.

  5. Cyril Morley says:

    Yankees give away to many high draft pick, for player past there prime and over the hill. Dont like Carlos Beltran, CJ Wilson, Mark Buehrle and Joel Pineiro they want a lot money and threes to four year deal. Yankees can the sign Andrew Brackman at low minor league deal. If the Yankees can trade AJ Burnett that will be good but, dont give him away and still have to pay salary

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