Mariano Rivera Needs Vocal Cord Surgery

Mariano Rivera told Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News that he needs surgery on his vocal cords that have been bothering him for about a month.

Aaron Gleeman of HardballTalk said that it’s a sign that he is human after all. I think that it is just further evidence that he is God. We have had the privileged of hearing him speak this entire time and have taken it for granted. Now he seems to have determined that we are no longer worthy.

Seriously though, this doesn’t seem like a big deal as it shouldn’t cut into his offseason workout routine.

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3 Responses to Mariano Rivera Needs Vocal Cord Surgery

  1. eric says:

    A cord is a small rope; a chord is a line whose endpoints both lie on the circumference of the circle OR a sound composed of several tones.

    So what's the technically correct term for the apparatus in the human throat that makes our voice?

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      My desk dictionary says "vocal cords," without the "h." FWIW, in the time it took you to write your post, you could have looked up the correct spelling and then privately e-mailed Rob to alert him to the typo.

      Just saying.

  2. It is vocal CORDS. In my defense, in my going on 7 years of blogging about the Yankees that's probably the first time I've ever had to write that word. You can probably throw all my years of college in there too. Also, the Star-Ledger got it wrong too.

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