Montero Fearful of Returning to Venezuela

It was a terrible tragedy that Wilson Ramos was kidnapped and it’s a miracle that he was able to come out of the situation unharmed. However, the situation has had me thinking about the Yankees own pair of Venezuelans, Francisco Cervelli and Jesus Montero.

Roger Rubin of the NY Daily News caught up with Montero this week and asked him about the situation. Montero said that he is fearful of returning to his home country, but is still planning on doing so for a month this December.

“It scared me a little bit but it teaches me things like you have to be careful where you go,” he told Rubin.

He also said that when he goes back to Venezuela, he will spend the majority of his time at home with family and that even when he leaves home he will be sure to have many people around him at all times.

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3 Responses to Montero Fearful of Returning to Venezuela

  1. Alex Taffet says:

    Such a relief that Ramos came out alive an unharmed, but it's a shame that these players now have to fear for their lives every time they return home. Even scarier is the fact that in the Ramos case, it seems to have been a targeted and well-planned abduction, making Montero's idea of traveling in groups less effective. Really nothing else to say but to hope that this Ramos kidnapping does not start a trend of player kidnappings in Venezuela. Really terrible situation.

  2. Bronx_Knight says:

    I went to Venezuela on a business trip in 2001. We stayed in a hotel in downtown Caracas. Our local hosts assigned us a driver who picked us up at the airport and took us everywhere we needed to go. One day we had a business meeting which we noticed was one block away from the hotel. My two colleagues and I decided to stretch our legs and walk the one block to the meeting. When we arrived, our local hosts proceeded to yell at us for five minutes, saying that we had taken an insane risk and could easily have been kidnapped (in the one-block walk).
    We were just anonymous businessmen, so I can only imagine what kind of security precautions must be taken for high-profile athletes …

  3. David K. says:

    I would not leave U.S. soil if I was him, but if he has to go, he should hire a bullet proof vehicle and a thirty guard escort with military caliber weapons. I dont' know if he can afford it. Maybe the Yankees should hire security for him? Mexico, Central America, South America, not to mention many parts of Europe and the mid-east, it's all crazy now, it's like the days of old time piracy.

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