Read: Dale Sveum’s Yankees Connection

Most Yankees fans don’t remember Dale Sveum. Heck, I barely remember him and I must have watched somewhere around 90 percent of the Yankee games the year he donned the Pinstripes.

He did play for them though, on that amazing 1998 squad, he played in just 30 games at first and third base posting a terrible .358 OPS. His playing time was sporatic, most of the time you could only tell he was there when an announcer made a point to talk about him and how much managerial experience he must have been getting that year (you know, since he didn’t play).

The Yankees released him in early August of that season, and either I didn’t know at the time or had forgotten over the years, but he actually stayed on with the team as the bullpen catcher.

The reason why I bring this up is because he was obviously hired to manage the Cubs and Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports wrote a good article about him yesterday about what made him a good fit as their manager. It’s a good read and Sveum seems like a good guy so I recommend reading the piece. He is just the latest in what has been a wave of new managers over the past two years, I wish him luck.

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