Rumor: Almost No Way Yankees Sign Wilson or Anyone Else

More and more this winter we are getting the impression that the Yankees are going to largely stand pat this offseason. Instead of their usual free spending habits, they only plan to address minor issues with the roster.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post was the first to report on this idea, last week Buster Olney said the same thing and now Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York is the latest.

Marchand does note that the Yankees general manager does like to operate this way, with low expectations. However, there has never been a time in my six years of blogging about the Yankees where there has been an overwhelming view that nothing was going on like this.

I have let my feeling be known, if the Yankees don’t do something to address their rotation issues they will regret it. They have been looking, checking in on all of the top free agent pitchers including C.J. Wilson, Mark Buehrle, and more, but they either don’t like the talent or don’t like the price tags.

They certainly could swing a trade, but as of right now even that seems unlikely. My fear now is that Cashman has either fallen in love with all of his prospects, unwilling to deal them even when it might be prudent to do so, or is afraid of the backlash he will get if he makes a bad deal. If either is true though we are in trouble.

It is starting to become a troubling trend when we see names like Zach Greinke, Cliff Lee, Dan Haren, Matt Garza, and Ubaldo Jimenez get traded over the past couple of seasons and the Yankees missing out on all of them. Apparently he was uncomfortable with the asking price for all of those pitchers, but was somehow comfortable giving up Arodys Vizcaino for Javier Vazquez.

They certainly have the chips to make a trade. They could find somebody willing to take a chance on Phil Hughes or trade Ivan Nova while his value is likely at it’s highest. Or they could deal one of their very close to major league ready starters including Hector Noesi, David Phelps, Adam Warren, or D.J. Mitchell.

Cashman might be more willing to hold on to those arms and try to develop them himself, but certainly not all of them will be successful at the major league level and a few of them likely have more value now than they ever will have. The other problem with this is that the Yankees have not displayed the ability to properly break young pitchers on to their roster. The only time it really worked in recent history was with Nova and they seem to have just gotten lucky there.

I’m by no means advocating getting rid of all or even a bunch of their prospects. They should take a hard look at them and try to determine the one or ones who they think will have the hardest time transitioning to the majors and try to swing a deal with them. It certainly isn’t as if teams have stopped trading high end pitching talent, I easily named five front of the rotation types that were recently traded off the top of my head. Out of those five, the Yankees were only seriously involved in talks with just one.

Something needs to happen this offseason. Hopefully Cashman is just trying to lay low until he finds the right deal. Recent history suggests that he won’t pull the trigger even if somebody ends up on the market.

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Rob Abruzzese created Bronx Baseball Daily in 2008 just before graduating from Brooklyn College. He currently serves BBD as its editor and works as a reporter at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobAbruzzese.

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12 Responses to Rumor: Almost No Way Yankees Sign Wilson or Anyone Else

  1. Susan says:

    I'm starting to doubt that resigning Cashman was a good idea. He doesn't seem to posses the proper male anatomy to take any chances any longer. It's getting depressing.

    • John says:

      Signing Buehrle or Wilson to a long contract would be a sucker move, and it takes that metaphorical male anatomy to avoid making a sucker move. The Yankees are finally in a position where they can roll in one or two prospects a year. Thats how dynasties are maintained. Nova last year. Montero this year. Betances and Banuelos next year.

      • Susan says:

        I agree with rolling in a prospect or two every year. I'm also not someone who thinks we should sign Wilson. I think Buerhle to a 3-4 year deal is reasonable and would help the staff considerably. It just seems like we've become too timid lately on going after bigger name free agents or for trying to swing a trade of significance.

  2. I have never been the biggest Cashman fan BUT he obviously knows what he's doing b/c if he was an inept GM, the Yankees would get rid of him. Yes, he has made errors in the past but why would he "tip his hat" to Joel Sherman or Buster Olney? I believe he's playing the game and eventually they will make a move because they have to. There is no way they can go to ST with this current rotation the way it's constructed. If they do, then he should be fired!

  3. Marc Perez says:

    If there are so many near major league pitchers in AAA, then why doesn't Cash make a package with a couple of them for a reliable starter? From everything I've heard, everyone is waiting on Banuelos and Betances. Guys like Warren, Phelps, Noesi, or Mitchell should be used as trade chips now while their value is still high.

  4. hotdog says:

    I think Cashman has done a good job of late keeping his minor league stars. I think he let one go in Ian Kennedy but who ever thought he could perform this well. I like our minor league system. The Yankees don't need to go after trades that will bring a starter to the team for our big 3, Montero, Betances or Banuelos. You can include Gary Sanchez in this bunch too. If Seattle was crazy enough to unload King Felix, that might change my mind.

    • Joe P. says:

      How about Matt Cain? I just read a S.F. Giants rumor that Cashman called and offered Montero, Swisher and two minor leaguers, (not named in the report so the whole thing is suspect), for Matt Cain. While skeptical of the truth of this rumor, it could be true and maybe not unreasonable. What do you think?

  5. Oroku-Saki says:

    I also believe that bringing back Cashman was a mistake. He's not finding ways to hold onto a few prospects and also letting a few of them go to bring in the talent that is much needed. My issue is…CC is due for an injury, Nova had arm problems at the end of last year. Should either of them go down for an extended period of time… DISASTER. The Yankees can avoid this a little if they sign a solid #2 to back up CC. He's got a lot of pressure to win every game because the back of the rotation is questionable. Freddy Garcia also has no velocity left in the tank, should he start losing his command this year.. it's batting practice. Honestly if the Yankees have a prayer at holding it together this year, they'll be wise to sign a solid #2. I really can't think of many Yankee fans who would want to see the starting rotation in spring training the way it is now (including me) What it comes down to is…I think Cashman has just become gun shy.

  6. Frank M. says:

    I really dont know what he's waiting for or is expecting. Buerhle is one of the premiere pitchers in the game… Cashman must be waiting for Nolan Ryan to jump into a time machine.

  7. John says:

    Rob great stuff as always.
    I live in Chicago and The rumor hear is Matt Thornton and John Danks are being offered to us. They like Cervelli alot here, but is he even healthy enough to be traded?
    Kenny Williams is desperate to deal guys with money. He is stuck with Adam Dunn, Jake Peavy, and Alex Rios.
    He will give up Carlos Quentin John Danks and Gavin Floyd as well as Matt Thornton.
    Floyd is a poor mans AJ Burnett. Thornton is good as a lefty specialist he blew up bad last year as a closer and Danks would drive us nuts. Most White Sox fans hate him because he will pitch great one start then go 4ip 5bb on 122 pitches.he is maddening to watch. but he has one year left til he is a free agent so if he sucks they can dump him.
    I have a strong feeling something will happen, Id rather not overpay for CJ Wilson and do not really want Danks either but something has to be done. Freddy Garcia with all due respect wont get it done again.
    Thanks hope everyone has a great weekend

    • Last I heard Cervelli is supposed to be feeling better. He got beat up quite a bit at the end of the season, but he was shutdown for most of September and all of this offseason which I expect is enough time for him to be 100 percent by ST.

      I agree, Garcia can't be counted on as a 2-3 for the Yankees. However, if you look at Danks' numbers, they are very similar to Andy Pettitte's and Yankees fans loved him. He isn't amazing, but with the Yankees offense behind him, he could be good for 15 wins every year.

      • John says:

        very true about Danks numbers my only point is he is inconsistent at times. I agree with our O and pen he should be a solid 3. he has only one year left. so it makes sense.
        He did pitch great in that one game playoff here in 08 and won the only game the took from the rays in the DS. so he isnt a stranger to big games. So you would be a yes for Danks and Thornton at the right price?
        My question about Cervelli isnt he CC's personal catcher? I cant back it up with numbers off the top of my head but it just seemed the ace wasnt the same with Martin.
        Thanks have a great weekend everyone

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