Rumor: Yankees Concerned about Jair Jurrjens’ Knee

The Yankees are scouring the market for a starting pitcher so when Jair Jurrjens hit the trading block it seemed natural that they would be interested. However, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York, the Yankees are concerned that Jurrjens may have a serious knee injury.

The Yankees are being smart by taking his knee injury seriously. It started back in 2010 when he needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus, but unlike when CC Sabathia had the surgery, the pain didn’t go away. It carried over into 2011 and it caused a significant drop in his velocity.

Jurrjens has never been a fireballer, but he used to reach up to 95 mph. At the start of last season he was sitting at 91-93 and by the end of the year he was lucky to hit 90 mph. It’s not an arm or shoulder injury, but that is an alarming loss of velocity.

There is a chance that he gets that velocity back once he gets further away from the injury, but it is no guarantee. The Braves might like Eduardo Nunez, but for a deal to be worked out they are likely going to have to significantly drop their asking price.

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3 Responses to Rumor: Yankees Concerned about Jair Jurrjens’ Knee

  1. YankezFan says:

    The yankees alredy have a right hander who had a drop in velocity, and may get it back… He's called Phil Hughes and dosnt cost anything…. why waste the talent on a pitcher who pitched in the weak NL West. We need a proven AL commodity, not a hopeful, if we want a quality #2 starter. As it sits, Jurrjens is a possible #3, and maybe even less. Go after Buerhle or another quality starter. Dont waste your time with what Atlanta wants.. it too much.

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    Um… NL West? The Braves haven't been there in a while.

  3. Mickeyd7 says:

    My message to my favorite MLB team is caveat emptor! Pass on JJ he is damaged goods and will probably breakdown in August or September because of his gimpy knee.

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