Rumors: Eric Chavez Will Not Retire

Eric Chavez has been contemplating retirement since the Yankees season ended, but he told general manager Brian Cashman yesterday that he expects to play in 2012, according to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he will return to the Bronx, but Chavez has indicated that he would like to return to the Yankees if he didn’t retire. It’s going to come down to money though. Chavez earned a base salary of $1.5 million last season plus incentives. If he expects a raise the Yankees may simply go with Brandon Laird instead.

Chavez was once a MVP-type player for the A’s but has had trouble staying healthy since 2006. That trend continued as he played in just 58 games off the bench, missing almost three months with a foot injury.

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5 Responses to Rumors: Eric Chavez Will Not Retire

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    For crying out loud, we already have one 3B who can't stay healthy (past steroid abuse have anything to do with that do you think?) why do we need another? Wasn't he on the DL more than A-Rod last year? Say goodbye to Chavez, and trade Nunez as well. Give Laird a shot and expect him to hit .200, at least he'll stay healthy and can field 3B better than NunEz.

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      I'm pretty sure my grandmother could play third base better than Nunez.

    • Fred says:

      He's affordable, and he's a decent bat off the bench when healthy. Cheap veteran depth is never a bad thing. When he gets injured, then you go to Laird.

      No reason to go through the entire year wither dealing with Nunez's fielding inadequacy or Laird's batting inadequacy when Arod isn't at 3B. Which unfortunately is very often.

  2. shavager says:

    Sign him if he'll play for what the team can afford to pay for a backup. He's definitely an improvement in fielding than Nunez, time to trade Nunez while he has some value and get an efficient, competant younger player ready to inherit 3Base position.

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