Rumors: Mark Buehrle Open to Pitching for the Yankees 9

Mark Buehrle has had a long career and at the age of 32 is just hitting the free agent market for the first time in his career. In the past he has made it clear that his preference would be to pitch in Chicago or his hometown St. Louis.

I think that his outspoken stance about pitching for only those two cities has taken away quite a bit of the buzz surrounding the consistent veteran. However, his agent spoke with Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News to let everyone know that he’s open to pitching in the Bronx.

“Last time I looked, Chicago is a pretty big city,” Buehrle’s agent Jeff Berry said. “I think that stuff gets overplayed quite a bit. It’s not like he’s been pitching for a small-market team in a small-market city. The biggest thing, for the Yankees or any other team, is to go to a place where he’ll have an opportunity to win.”

This very well could just be an effort by Buehrle’s agent to drum up interest in his client. Or it very well could be a legitimate claim. He’s not necessarily saying that Buehrle wants to be a Yankee, he could simply be pointing out a misconception about him. If winning is really what’s most important to him then the interest could very well be real.

Buehrle is not exactly an ace-type pitcher, but he has been remarkably consistent throughout his entire career. He has an 11-year streak of pitching at least 200 innings with at least 10 wins each year. Only once has he ever gotten Cy Young votes, but he’s never really had a bad season in his career all while pitching in a hitter-friendly park.

As long as he isn’t looking for an obscene contract in either years or dollars, there could be a fit there with the Yankees.

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9 thoughts on “Rumors: Mark Buehrle Open to Pitching for the Yankees

  • Tanned Tom

    I like Buehrle, never gets injured, tons of quality starts, reasonably low ERA. He would be the #2 starter for NY. A first 4 of:
    would allow them to either trade Burnett (please!, if the Braves can trade Lowe…) or move Hughes back to the pen and trade Soriano. This would improve the team by addition and by subtraction, by getting at least one of the duds out of the rotation.

  • Bronx_Knight

    Tom, I agree with you on Buehrle and on trading Burnett, but you only list four starters above, including Buehrle. Wouldn't Hughes be our fourth or fifth starter?

    Also, while I am willing to trade Burnett, almost regardless of cost, I wouldn't say the same of Soriano. I'm not crazy about his attitude, but he has a very rich deal for a reliever and I'm not sure he would be so easy to trade.

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