Rumors: Yankees Think Prices on Wilson, E-Jax are Too High

The Yankees have been in contact with most of the big name free agent starters so far this offseason, but we are hearing that they don’t like the prices on C.J. Wilson and Edwin Jackson and are planning to wait to see if their demands drop, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

This goes along with what we’ve been hearing this offseason. The Yankees are interested in the free agent starters, but on their own terms. The reason for this is likely due to payroll constraints, they already near $200 million after re-signing CC Sabathia, and they likely don’t want to block many of the young starters they have in the minors.

Still, the Yankees need pitching. No matter what Brian Cashman said, there is no way he will be comfortable with both A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes in the rotation. So they will continue to monitor the free agent process and when a guy is ready to sign, if they like what he is willing to sign for they will grab him. Otherwise, it’s sayonara.

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5 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Think Prices on Wilson, E-Jax are Too High

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Wilson is not worth 6 years and $120 mil, are him and his agent smoking off the same crack pipe? Jackson is trouble. 60-60 won-loss with a 4.46 ERA is 5th starter material, not 4 years for $60 mil. A GM would have to be on halucinogenics to to go for that. Though I'm sure Boras will corral some weak minded, fool. Oh, no! someone lock up the Steinbrenner brats until April.

  2. shavager says:

    Don't have any confidence in Jackson, Wilson's price is too high. Trade Hughes, Nunez and throw in Cervelli for package deal for a quality starter to take Colon's or Garcia's place in rotation.

  3. Mickeyd7 says:

    Money money money. The old Chinese proverb is charge me the price but give me the goods.
    C. J. Wilson is the best SP on the Free Agency market and he is a lefty who has experience in the AL. He pitched well last year and now has post season experience in the World Series. He appears to me to have the goods. I would offer him a 6yr deal with a team and/or player opt out after the 3rd year. I think C J Wilson would be fine as our #2 SP in 2012!

    • Susan says:

      I've got to respectfully disagree Mickeyd. He's just not worth that kind of money. There's cheaper alternatives. And I'm not usually one to care about what we spend, since it's not my money but we've been burned one time too many. And enough of these player opt out clauses. If we did sign Wilson, I'd have him as a three at best. Nova will be our two for quite some time unless we sign an ace of some sort, which CJ is not .

  4. Emmerson says:

    CJ Wilson should and probably will get the same deal that AJ and Lackey got. What was it 5 and 85?

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