Trade Rumor: Yankees Interested in Garza, but No Talks at the Moment

Despite everything we’ve heard about the Yankees staying quiet this offseason, they will keep checking through their options and one of the bigger names on the trade block is the Cubs’ Matt Garza.

The Yankees would have interest in Garza, Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports, but they are not currently in talks with any teams regarding starting pitchers.

It’s still too early for that kind of stuff really. The Winter Meetings start on December 5 and that’s when I expect teams to really start discussing trades.

It’s hard to say exactly what the Cubs would expect in return for Garza, but his trade from Tampa to Chicago would be a good template for a deal. In that trade Garza was sent over along with two not-phenomenal prospects for Chris Archer (rated No. 27 by Baseball America pre-2011), Sam Fuld, Hak-Ju Lee (No. 92 by BA pre-2011), another decent prospect and a minor league lifer.

The Yankees could swing that kind of a deal, but a comparable trade would have to include either Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos.

Another interesting thing in the trade talks is how Brian Cashman will be able to work with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer now that the two are no longer with the Boston Red Sox (Hoyer was with the Sox prior to the Padres). Obviously trades between the Yankees and Sox almost never happen, but Cashman and Epstein have a mutual respect toward each other and now that they are not division rivals they may actually be able to work well together. Or maybe old habits die hard.

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13 Responses to Trade Rumor: Yankees Interested in Garza, but No Talks at the Moment

  1. Billy Martin says:

    This needs to happen! Right man in the right spot….

  2. Van72 says:

    Take Zambrano off their hands too if they'd be willing to take Burnett.

    • Joe P. says:

      If Garza is the best they can get in a trade that includes Betances or Banuelos, I'd prefer the Yankees not trade them. I for one would not fault the Yankess for not making this kind of trade and taking a shot at two very promising young pitchers actually living up to or even exceeding expectations, (or should I say hopes). Just look at Tampa Bay's pitching and you can see what can go very right with stud prospects. On the other hand, if you were talking Felix Hernandez, Matt Cain or someone of that caliber, I can see including one of the two in that trade package, though not both of them.

      • Gonzalo says:

        Completely agree with Joe P, Betances or Bañuelos should be included only if the pither is Felix, Weaver, Kershaw, Cain, Lincecum.
        Garza, Wandy, Danks, Jurrjens, Gio anything like that should be something involving Phelps, Warren, Nuñez, Romine, Hughes and those kind of players

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    If the rotation on opening day is Sabathia, Nova, Garcia, Burnett, Hughes then Cashman should be fired. 2 years in a row with a garbage rotation is 1 too many.
    Here's the deal I would shoot for:
    Cubs give: Garza, Zambrano, Sean Marshall
    Yanks give: Burnett, Hughes, Romine, Nunez

    rotation in 2012 would be Sabathia, Garza, Nova, Garcia, rookie

    • Susan says:

      Right on as usual Tom. Where would Zambrano fit in with us though?

      • Joe P. says:

        There are no rookies ready for the start of this year. If you trade for Zambrano you're putting him in your rotation unless you can find someone else to trade him to. If Zambrano is happy he can be a very good pitcher. Who knows, maybe he'd love it in the Bronx and turn around his attitude. Nevertheless, this trade won't happen. Yankees won't give up Nunez that easily. They see him as Jeter's replacement someday AND they need him now to give Jeter and A-Rod days off, while keeping a decdent bat in the lineup.

      • Tanned Tom says:

        Oops, yeah the rotation would be CC, Garza, Nova, Zambrano, Garcia.

        • Tanned Tom says:

          And let's not over-value Nunez. He's a utility player right now. Can't hold onto him if it means not getting rid of Burnett AND acquiring Garza. I'm fine with Pena as the SS-3B sub, can't hit but this team has plenty of offense.

  4. Marc Perez says:

    No chance the Yanks would ever give Zambrano a shot. This organization prides itself on character, something Zambrano knows nothing of.

  5. Tony says:

    Why not just trade Joe Girardi for Garza, that would shore up the pitching and leave an opening for Willie Randolph to manage the Bombers or maybe even Jorge Pasada.

  6. Michael Pimentel says:

    I would love to have a pitcher with the youth and talent of a Garza, but at the right price. All prospects are game for this deal except Banuelos, Betances or Montero. Someone mentioned Hughes which I think is outrages since Hughes is only 25 years old and an 18 game winner. Unless the deal is Hughes and Igawa for Garza then no! This is the chance to get Garza since the Rays would not trade him to the Yankees last time. Hopefully the deal gets done and we keep our better prospects.

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