Trade Rumors: Yankees Among Teams Interested in Jurrjens

The Braves are expected to dangle starter Jair Jurrjens in trade talks this winter and Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated reported that the Yankees were among the teams interested in dealing for him.

Jurrjens is a soon to be 26-year-old righty who has averaged 26 starts and a 3.20 ERA over the past three seasons. The time he missed was mostly due to a torn meniscus that he needed surgery to repair in 2010.

The Braves are expected to want something similar to the package the Royals got for Zack Greinke. That was Alcides Escobar and three other prospects, two of which Baseball America had ranked in their Top 100 list at some point in their career. For the Yankees that would very roughly be the equivalent of Eduardo Nunez, Austin Romine, one of the two remaining Killer B’s (Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances) as well as another prospect.

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15 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Among Teams Interested in Jurrjens

  1. Gonzalo says:

    I really think that Braves only would trade him knowing something bad about him or getting an amazing package.
    If Montero or one of the two B's has to be involved then I hope Yankees aren't dealing for him.

    • Abe says:

      Agree, I don't think they need to give up any top tier prospects at this time when they have an aging team. Then again teams have a tendency to use the media to pump up prospects.

      • Billy Martin says:

        There are better pitchers to go for on the trade market, i.e Gio Gonzalez….and now I hear Ricky Nolasco is available. Yanks could get him for a lot less and he is more durable with a much better WHIP. Open your eyes Cashman and use your resources wisely!

  2. Braves fan says:

    Jurrjens is better pitcher than any other Yankees starter, except Sabathia. End of story. Ricky Nolasco? Gio Gonzalez? Really??? Jurrjens, when healthy, is as good as any other pitcher in MLB. The kid is pitching better with runners on, check his numbers first. Sorry, I am Braves fan, but I am straight shooter. Braves dodged a bullet with Burnett not-signing, thanks Bombers. As for Garza here is a comparison ( Jurrjens 2 stints on the disabled list ) :

    Garza 10-10 3.32 137 63 ( W-L, ERA, K, BB )

    Jurrjens 13-6 2.96 90 44 ( W-L, ERA, K, BB )

    Yes, you' love Garza's K's, but think also about Burnett's K's. Keep this in mind. Sometimes they just don't even throw the pitches in the same area codes of a home plate. But be carefull what you wish for. Good luck anyway

    • Gonzalo says:

      Haha, you just said, when healthy. Also in that division Javier Vazquez was an ace, there he had even better numbers than Sabathia here.
      I think Jurrjens is in the same level with Gio and Nolasco, but I would prefer Garza by far.
      116.1 and 152 innings last 2 years, that's horrible, get out of here.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      No more Braves pitchers, Vazquez, Jaret Wright, Karsay, Farnsworth, Neagle, Embree, the list goes on and on. They're fine in Atlanta, they suck in NY. Enough.

      • Braves fan says:

        None of these pitchers came from the Braves farm system. Braves just got a great pitching from them. Smoltz and Jurrjens came from the Tigers. Who won AL Cy Young award ?

  3. Braves fan says:

    You never know about pitcher's health. Check Joba's inning pitched, please. Cashman is paid to do his job. He's in business for so long, let him do his job. Jurrjens with Yankees would win 18 games

  4. chris says:

    yanks don't have anything of value to offer the Braves anyway….if they had any Good minor leagueres they would bring them up to the majors,

  5. chris says:

    You talk about not wanting any more Braves pitchers because they don't pitch as well for the Yankees as they did for the Braves……….well that would seem to have more to do with coaching. Maybe the Yanks pitching coach needs to do a better job of coaching these players ( like the Braves coaches do )

  6. Braves fan says:

    Jurrjens is a good pitcher. And kid is still a bargain ( 3,250,000 ).That is all I wanted to say. In NY you have to have a thick skin to pitch. A lot of pitchers in Braves uniform performed because there is no drama. They can relax and pitch. In NY media, everybody is either manager or pitching coach. I admire all former Braves players, and wish them all the best. We just have too many pitchers right now. I hope we keep him.

  7. ATLNYYfan says:

    Nolasco is HORRIBLE. He had one decent year a few years ago, that's it. I wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft pole let alone put him in the same breath as Jair or Gio.

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