Trade Rumors: Yankees Interested in Kyle Drabek

The Yankees are interested in the Blue Jays young righty Kyle Drabek, according to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun.

The Yankees are examining every option when it comes to improving theirĀ  rotation so it doesn’t surprise me that they would express interest in the Blue Jays soon to be 24-year-old. Drabek struggled in the majors last season putting up a 6.06 ERA over 78.2 innings. So the Yankees strategy may be an attempt to buy low.

Drabek’s problem stems from a control problem. His BB/9 jumped to 6.3 last season and his K/9 dropped to 5.8. This after his K/9 was a healthy 7.2 in the minors and his 3.7 BB/9 was never terrible. Elliott reported that the Yankees have been asking scouts, including Phillies scouts, if they think his control problems are fixable.

This may be the direction general manager Brian Cashman takes this offseason. Drabek has less than a full seasons service time meaning that he would be under Yankees control for the next five seasons. It seems like his line of thinking would be that as long as he has to give up prospects, he might as well try to get somebody he doesn’t have to devote a lot of payroll space to as well.

The biggest hitch here would be to convince the Blue Jays to trade to the Yankees. There has not been a deal between the two teams since they acquired Raul Mondesi back in 2002. At that time the Blue Jays were more than happy to give up on Mondesi, who had problems with the team, so it wasn’t exactly the same situation.

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8 Responses to Trade Rumors: Yankees Interested in Kyle Drabek

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Why bother? This is not the kind of a move that will win a WS. Does Cashman think he's GM of the Pirates or the Yankees?

  2. Michael Pimentel says:

    I think it would be smart to try and buy low on a talent like Drabek. It is the kind of move that can pay big if Drabek reaches his potential.

  3. Billy Martin says:

    I agree with you TT, this makes no sense at all….Cashman better wake up and smell what Garza's cookin…..

  4. Travis L. says:

    The new focus of the Yankees is development. They arent going to spend big on Free Agents anymore. With that in mind, I think Drabek would be a great addition. Let Rothschild work with him a bit and see if we can get him to reach his potential. Cashman has given us many winning seasons and we owe it to him to trust his way of thinking.

    • Billy Martin says:

      What are you smoking Travis??? Winning seasons means nothing, its winning World Series that counts. This losing in the 1st round of playoffs needs to STOP…Cashman needs to focus on front line starters NOW, they already have enough pitching prospects that will be ready in the next couple years.

  5. David K. says:

    I like what I've seen from Kyle Drabek. But I think he pitches better against us than against other teams, so I would be very wary of bringing in another guy who only pitches great against the Yankees. (Can you say A.J. Burnett?) It all depends on what we give up. If the price is fairly reasonable, I would take a chance. He's got a great arm.

  6. hotdog says:

    I wonder what this all says about the Yankees interest in Phil Hughes.

  7. Fernando says:

    I don't have an issue with the team trying to buy low. Not everyone needs to be a high-priced, multiple year contract type player.

    Adding a front line starter in a trade will mean moving prospects. It also means moving up some prospects to higher levels. Drabek could be part of Cashman's plan to replace the prospects that he trades. It's a wise move in light of the new CBA restrictions on the draft and international free agency spending.

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