Yankees Get No Gold, Settle for Silver

The Yankees didn’t get any Gold Gloves this year, but Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson did take home Silver Slugger awards.

Past winners Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira just didn’t have stellar seasons defensively, especially in the first half, and were rightly denied the award this season. Derek Jeter who has won often in the past, but probably never deserved to, didn’t win the award either.

The one Yankee who should have won was Brett Gardner, who by most estimates is among the best defenders at any position in the game. He did take home a less prestigious, but more accurate Fielding Bible Award though. I guess he wasn’t a good enough hitter to win a Gold Glove.

Granderson was a shoe-in for the Silver Slugger, but Cano had tough competition in Dustin Pedroia. Obviously anytime a Yankee beats a Red Sox at anything, that is a good thing. Cano and Granderson both had amazing seasons though and both should get MVP votes.

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