Yankees Plan Talks with C.J. Wilson

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has played down his interest in top free agent starter C.J. Wilson so far this offseason, but that won’t stop him from reaching out and making contact with the lefty, according to Dan Martin of the NY Post.

“We haven’t talked to him yet, but we will,” Cashman said in the Post. “They have won a lot and he’s been a big part of that, so we’ll certainly talk to him.”

This isn’t necessarily a sign that the Yankees are going after him. Wilson is the best pitcher on the free agent market (a relative term that doesn’t mean a whole lot), Cashman admitted as much yesterday. So the prudent thing to do is at least keep in contact with him and see how the market develops.

The Yankees aren’t likely interested in him on an $80-$100 million contract, but what if he falls into the $40-$60 million range? That is unlikely due to the scarcity in this market, but if it did happen, then that would probably change things for the Bombers. Cashman knows that and he needs to be prepared.

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10 Responses to Yankees Plan Talks with C.J. Wilson

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Like a lot of other people on this site, I'm not that crazy about CJ Wilson. But I guess given the way pitchers are getting paid these days, he might be welcome at $14M x 3 years. I don't see that happening, though.

    • Joe P says:

      BK, also not nuts about CJ. Much prefer Buehrle as I've said before. Considering the performances of Colon and Garcia, the Yankees should contact Andy Pettitte and beg him to return from his first year of retirement! Give him a 1yr. contract with a second year player option or club buyout. Imagine Andy starting the 2012 home opener. I'd pay extra to be at that game!

      • Bronx_Knight says:

        You know, I think we kinda did beg Andy to play in 2011 … And I really thought he was going to come back, too. But he didn't.

        That being said, there's no harm in sounding him out. That would be cool. Don't see it happening either …

  2. innafunk says:

    NOBODY is worth this kind of money to PLAY a game. Fans are idiots to pay 100.00 a seat to watch these pampered ass_oles. Ohhh my toe hurts, owww my pinky is sprained… BS let the TV guys pay and show us more games on the best seat in the house….ManCave

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Wilson has been one of the top 10-12 starters over the last 2 years, is only 31 and doesn't have the mileage a lot of pitchers do by that age. I've read alot of how the team thinks he's only a #3 starter, but his numbers sure don't agree with that. A 5 year deal at $17 mil per doesn't make me nervous. Also, I like Buehrle, a more dependable starter there probably isn't. A 3 year deal at $15 mil per sounds about right. Add this $32 mil to the roughly $190 mil they already have and you've got $222 mil. The team can afford this, there can be no doubt, but if they don't wish to then then could shed a few contracts. Burnett might be tradeable (like Kevin Lowe was), and either Hughes or Soriano are tradeable. If you have to pay $2 mil of Soriano's salary and $10 mil of Burnett's (we have to be adult about this) that would still save $8 mil and bring the payroll to the $210 mil to $215 mil range. The rotation of Sabathia, Wilson, Buehrle, Nova, Garcia would be WS ready, unlike the 2011 rotation which was a joke.

  4. Cyril Morley says:

    The time for pitcher Colon and Garcia should be over. Good for the yankees to keep closed eye on cj wilson and yu darvish. Don,t want to give any more of our high draft pick away.

  5. theboogiedown says:

    Gio Gonzalez, why is no one talking about Gio Gonzalez???? All-star, young, starting lefty. Expensive? Perhaps, but not elligible for free agency until 2016 I believe.

    • theboogiedown says:

      btw- I SWEAR I didn't read those posts on RAB of TYU prior to my entry. Just think they guy would be awesome

      • Billy Martin says:

        I agree with you boogie down…..Gio is a quality lefty and young. He's a 17-20 game winner on the Yanks. Oakland already mentioned they would discuss a trade for him, get it done Cashman!

  6. Dan says:

    Before they step in more S^%$T, they need to get rid of what they've got. Drop Burnett NOW!

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