Yankees Raising Ticket Prices in 2012

The Yankees made an announcement yesterday on their ticket prices, bragging that at least 70 percent of them were unchanged or lowered. However, upon closer inspection, unless you sit in the most expensive seats in the stadium, you are indeed going to be paying more in 2012 than you paid last year.

While the field level seats have dropped in price, as much as $50 in some cases, bleacher seats and the grandstand (nosebleed) seats will jump by at least 30 percent. Bleacher seats that were $12 in 2010 are now $18 in 2012. Grandstand seats will now cost $28 from first to third base, in the outfield they will remain $20.

Most of you may not think this is a big deal as tickets on Stubhub often go for as little as $2, but there have been rumors that the MLB and Stubhub have figured out a way to guarantee a price level floor on the secondary market. This nearly guarantees that you will be paying more in 2012.

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  1. 1st Base says:

    Sounds like collusion to me.

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