Yankees Shutout of End of the Year Awards 8

The Yankees went into the 2011 season looking like underdogs, but by the end of the year they had the best record in the American League and finished second only to the Phillies for the best overall record.

Apparently they did it without the top rookie, manager, pitcher, or overall player. In fact, they weren’t even close as no Yankee finished even in the top three of any category.

Yesterday’s MVP announcement crowed Tigers’ starter Justin Verlander. The Yankees Curtis Granderson came the closest finishing in fourth place for that award. Robinson Cano finished sixth, CC Sabathia was 14th, Mark Teixeira 19th, and David Robertson came in 23rd.

Verlander also took the Cy Young with Sabathia finishing fourth. Mariano Rivera finished eighth for the Cy and D-Rob finished 11th. I expected Sabathia to come in second, but apparently the voters didn’t agree.

Yankees managers never get their recognition so I wasn’t surprised to see Joe Girardi come in fifth for the award despite the phenomenal job he did in the toughest division in the game. Nobody, nobody expected the Yankees to take the division this year and in the end it wasn’t even close.

Finally there was the Rookie of the Year award that went to the Rays Jeremy Hellickson. Ivan Nova finished fourth here which is fair considering he didn’t come on strong until the second half of the year. He probably came the closest to winning any of these awards as he at least got one first place vote.

In the end I wasn’t surprised that the Yankees didn’t get any of the awards. I wasn’t expecting them to. Although I would have voted for Joe Girardi considering how much he got out of the team that was expected to take a step back this year.

My question is, who was the most deserving snub?

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8 thoughts on “Yankees Shutout of End of the Year Awards

  • Susan

    Who was the biggest snub? In my opinion, it was Ivan Nova. 16-4 compared to 13-10 for Hellickson? Give me a break. Plus doing it pitching in NY where so many can't handle the pressure. We don't get these types of awards because most of the media hates us. As for Verlander winning the MVP, there aren't enough "F bombs" in the book for me to describe how pissed I am about that. What a joke. Clearly he deserved the Cy Young but leave the MVP to every day players. Might as well give Curtis Granderson the CY Young.

  • Fred

    I'm fine with the way the awards came out. I think Verlander had a better season that Grandy and Hellickson did better than Nova. It was nice to see Robertson get some recognition with some Cy Young and MVP votes.

    Our biggest snub wasn't one of the awards listed here though. Poor Brett Gardner really should have won that Gold Glove over Gordon in my opinion

  • Mike Sommer

    Although I'd have liked to have seen Grandy win, I do have some historical precedent in why he lost. He hit .262. In the history of the MVP award, had he won, he would have won with the lowest B.A. of an MVP who was a non-pitcher. At present, the non-pitcher MVP with the lowest B.A. is Marty Marion at .263. Marion, "The Octopus," was the SS for the 1944 WS Champ Cardinals—a WW II year. The lowest B.A. for an AL MVP (non-pitcher) was Roger Maris, .269 in 1961. We all know what happened that year. So the B.A. was against the Grandy Man.

  • Susan

    I just don't know why people think Hellickson had a better year than Nova. 16-4 vs. 13-10! I know Hellickson had a better ERA but Nova pitched half his games in a bandbox and was our number two guy most of the season and was the best guy in the rotation coming down the stretch.

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