Yankees Sign Utilityman Jayson Nix to Minor League Deal

The Yankees signed utilityman Jayson Nix to a minor league contract, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Nix, 29, had a .245 OBP with a .554 OPS in 46 games with the Blue Jays last season. He has a career OPS+ of just 72. While he can’t hit, he does have experience playing at second, short, and third base as well as left and right fields. Nix doesn’t have a large enough sample size to judge his defense based on UZR, but his UZR/150 (a less reliable stat) is an impressive 57.5 which is a good sign that he’s a solid fielder.

There is a new provision in the CBA that states that veterans signed to minor league contracts must either be added to the 40-man roster or released five days prior to Opening Day or receive an additional $100K with the right to opt-out by June 1. I’m not 100 percent sure if Nix falls into this category as he doesn’t have six years of service time, but he was a free agent. Once I get confirmation I’ll pass it along though.

It seems unlikely he’ll make the Yankees, it seems even more unlikely that they would keep him in the minor leagues for $100K too. So there will have to be a few injuries or trades  to happen for him to even have a shot at staying with the organization after spring training.

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4 Responses to Yankees Sign Utilityman Jayson Nix to Minor League Deal

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    To me, it looks like a move to just add more depth. Despite the low B.A., Nix has shown some pop (12 HR 2009, 14 in 2010). Nix could be in the mix to battle Nunez (obviously the favorite) and Pena for the backup infielder role, although at present he is expected to go to AAA. Still, should the Yanks include Nunez in a package for a starting pitcher, Nix could then be the favorite over Pena for that utility role.

    • Susan says:

      " Nix could then be the favorite over Pena for that utility role."

      That would make this lady happy, Mike. 🙂

  2. Cyril Morley says:

    Why are the Yankees signing these tpye of player like Fred Garcia and Jayson Nix. They are a one year hit, Plenty of young player and not expensive in our farm system.

    • Susan says:

      I'm sure Nix isn't costing a whole lot since it's a minor league deal. I don't know a ton about him but I'm almost sure his glove is far better than Nunez's and without a doubt his hitting is better than Pena's. I wouldn't say Garcia is a one year hit. He's had a nice career and he's only asked to be a back end rotation guy for us and keep us in games.

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