A-Rod has knee and shoulder worked on in Germany

Since signing his latest 10-year mega deal after the 2007 season, Alex Rodriguez has averaged just 124 games played a year, culminating with a career low 99 games played since he became a regular.

Yankee fans should have serious concern about his ability to stay healthy over the final six years of his contract, but A-Rod is doing what he can which includes flying to Germany on the recommendation of basketball star Kobe Bryant to have his ailing knee and shoulders treated, according to Teri Thompson and Christian Red of the NY Daily News.

A-Rod ran this by the Yankees and the league so as to avoid the same controversy that Bartolo Colon got himself involved with. However, MLB can’t technically approve or disapprove of any procedures other than to make sure there are no banned substances involved. Brian Cashman said that he doesn’t mind A-Rod having the procedure done, but wondered why he wouldn’t have just done it in the United States.

He has six-years and $143 million left on his contract, not including possible incentives, so whatever A-Rod has to do to stay healthy and on the field is fine by me. It’s gotten to the point where if he plays in at least 130 games we should consider ourselves lucky.

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2 Responses to A-Rod has knee and shoulder worked on in Germany

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    As a Yankees fan, I want A-Rod to do well, and return to his career norms. Realistically, however, that seems doubtful. Steroids take their toll, and players of A-Rod's age almost uniformly see their production go down, not up.
    I'm glad to see A-Rod making big efforts to get himself healthy again. It shows that he cares enough about his legacy to make the effort. Or maybe he just wants to make even more money by reaching incentive benchmarks.
    If A-Rod doesn't turn his career around, then his contract extension will go down as one of the biggest busts in sports history. I would be happy for him to prove me wrong.

    • David K. says:

      Steroids or no steroids, after about 10 or 12 years in the majors as a full time player, you are going to see age related injuries start to take their toll. He stayed healthier longer than most actually. But this is why you don't sign older players to long contracts and the length of his contract is a killer.

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