Angels swoop in to sign Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson

The Angels jumped into the Albert Pujols bidding at the last second and nabbed the future Hall of Famer on a 10-year and $254 million deal, according to Tim Brown and Buster Olney.

Then shortly after they finished up with Pujols they turned to C.J. Wilson and signed him to a five-year and $77.5 million deal, according to Joel Sherman and Karl Ravech.

So the Angels have out-Marlins’d the Marlins who had already out Yankee’d the Yankees. What a crazy offseason. Now the balance of power seems to have shifted in the American League West and the Yankees have to face Pujols a handful of times each year for the next 10 years.

Final thought, think the Marlins are planning a fire sale? Well, Pujols seems to think so as he was supposedly offered $275 million to go to Miami and turned it down after he tried, but failed to get them to include a no-trade clause in his contract.