Cashman: The Yankees Next Guy is Hector Noesi

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was discussing the rotation with Chad Jennings of the Journal News and specifically was talking about how they’ve been able to fill from within over the past couple of years. He used Phil Hughes in 2010 and Ivan Nova in 2011 as examples, seems he forgot Joba Chamberlain in 2009 but that’s another story.

The point is that Cashman expects to keep doing this every year and he has tabbed Hector Noesi as the next young pitcher whom will impact the Yankees rotation.

“As we continue to look outside for pitching, the next guy we’ve got coming is Noesi,” Cashman told Jennings.“Behind that is (Dellin Betances) and (Manny Banuelos) and (Adam Warren) and (David Phelps). We are producing some serious pitching that we’re proud of. (David Robertson) and what he did this past year, just the continuation of what’s been a great pro career so far. We’re going to continue to look for ways to reinforce it, but we’re proud of what we’ve got and have high hopes for what’s coming.”

2008 should be a cautionary tale of expecting too much too soon from young pitchers, but Noesi did a solid job coming out of the bullpen last season and is tearing it up in the Dominican Winter League. In seven games there he has a 2.22 ERA, 17 K’s, and six BB’s in 28.1 innings.

The new CBA will make it harder for the Yankees to develop amateur talent. So despite my criticism of Cashman being unwilling to make a deal for a top of the line starter, it is more imperative than ever for them to develop their own talent.

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One Response to Cashman: The Yankees Next Guy is Hector Noesi

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Having Cashman as GM is a little like having a turtle as a pet, he's never as fun as a dog or a cat, and sometimes he gets flipped onto his back and dies. I agree that developing pitching is crucial, but in our rush to celebrate 2014 let's not forget about 2012. This rotation is not good enough to win a WS. I would hardly tout Phil Hughes as any kind of success story. And whose spot will Noesi take? So far this off season he's brought back a 35 year old pitcher and allowed a bunch of over 30 free agents leave. That's not enough.

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