Danks signs $65 million-5-year extension with White Sox

John Danks is off the trading block after signing a five-year and $65 million extension to stay with the White Sox, according to some fan and confirmed by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

The Yankees and the White Sox have been talking about a deal for Danks this offseason, but Sox GM Kenny Williams’ asking price was Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos, plus other prospects. It was ultimately to steep for Brian Cashman.

This is a pretty smart move by the White Sox. They now have a young lefty to build a team around over the next five years. And his contract isn’t bad either.

Like I said above, this likely eliminates any chance that the White Sox would trade him, but this move actually makes Danks more attractive to the Yankees. Now they wouldn’t have to worry about him leaving after one season and his contract is quite reasonable at an average annual value of $13 million per season.

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10 Responses to Danks signs $65 million-5-year extension with White Sox

  1. NYYFanInTheATL says:

    One could also argue the White Sox did this to INCREASE his trade value and get better prospects.

  2. John says:

    Exactly. But Kenny is pulling weird moves

  3. Gonzalo says:

    Forget about him. Cashman won't be interested.
    Horrible offseason

  4. John says:

    Yes it has been

  5. Sweet Lou says:

    Running out of time, something better happen soon or we're in for a very LONG season…..

  6. Mel says:

    How can the front office think this is a good rotation…..maybe they all received their medical MJ cards this off season.

    CC – solid
    Nova – good but might not be able to repeat last season?
    AJ – no comment needed @%*$!!!!
    Hughes – who knows what you'll get??
    Garcia – ok for a # 5

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      It's looking like Cashman has no plans to spend any money to upgrade pitching this year, even for solid one-shot deals like Kuroda. Cashman is under orders to trim payroll to $189 M by 2014, so he seems to be saving his bullets for 2013, when a ton of first-rate free agent pitching will become available. In the interim, I'm guessing that Cashman is going to try what he did last year: wait until January or February, and then sign several has-beens to incentive-laden deals.
      It worked with Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon in 2011. Who knows? Maybe it'll work again.
      Welcome to your new Oakland Yankees/New York Athletics (pick your new nickname).

  7. Billyball15 says:

    Sorry but to say this increased his trade value is silly
    13 mil for a guy with an avg overall record and avg era is reducing his trade value even though I like him
    He is now in that Aj mode where team may have to eat some money or take lesser prospects if they do trade him
    Like I said I do like him but not at the asking price and now after this contract his trade value is less

    • I've heard a few people say this, but I just don't buy it at all. $13 million a year for a 26-year-old lefty with his past and future is a good deal. Part of the reason the Yankees were reluctant to deal for him was because of his impending free agency, now that that's out of the picture there is no way he's not more attractive.

  8. John says:

    Having a guy locked up is one thing except-what if hes bad? Watch Danks, he is up and down. Stats are fine but he drives my White Sox fans nuts. Great one game then 4.33ip -122pitches 5er6bb. Quote all the sabermetrics,pitchfx, fip whatever, WATCH THIS CLOWN PITCH! WE WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLING HIM BY JUNE.

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