Phillies fan cleared of sex-for-tickets charges

Remember the Phillies fan arrested during the 2009 World Series for prostituting herself out for World Series tickets?

A year ago she was accquitted of prostitution charges, but convicted on attempted prostitution. However, she recently had the attempted prostitution conviction thrown out by an appeals court, according to an Associated Press report.

“This woman should never have been charged in the first place,” the defendant, Susan Finkelstein’s lawyer told the AP.

The district attorney replied, “Our view is that if you’re selling sex for something of value, and certainly a World Series ticket is something of value, that is a business transaction.”

Not sure if I should laugh or cry. Our tax dollars at work.

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6 Responses to Phillies fan cleared of sex-for-tickets charges

  1. John says:

    If she wants to ho for tickets let her. Shocked this wasnt an eposode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia first. Victimless crime and funny on top of that.

  2. NYYFanInTheATL says:

    With that mug I hope she was aiming for the nosebleed section. Sheez.

  3. John says:

    I can just see Dennis making Swet Dee

  4. John says:

    Do that. And she didnt even meet Chase Itley. Yes!

  5. theboogiedown says:

    Oh, I remember her all right and those seats sucked anyhow!!!

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