Pujols made a last second proposal to the Yankees

The Yankees were never involved with Albert Pujols at all this offseason, but that didn’t stop his agent, Dan Lozano, from making a last minute attempt to get the Yankees involved in the bidding, GM Brian Cashman told Bryan Hoch of MLB.com.

“I said no; I gave it a nice, respectful no,” Cashman said. “We’ve made our commitments, we have guys we’re committed to, and so … even though you can say he can fit on anybody’s club, realistically our money is spent in those directions. How do you add that with our commitments? You just can’t. It’s not feasible.”

“They just checked in. It was more, I’m sure, on [Lozano’s] list of things — ‘I have to ask, because I’ve got to do my job,'” Cashman said. “But even Dan Lozano recognized [that with] Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, [Jesus] Montero — there’s no vacancy here. I think if you were in my chair, you’d be in the same decision-making mode.”

“Obviously he’s one of the greatest that’s played,” Cashman said of Pujols. “He makes everybody significantly better. If he played for anybody, he’d make them all significantly better. He’s a special player. I don’t know him personally, but I see what he does with that bat. It’s Montero-like.”

Great final quote about Pujols being Montero like, as in Jesus Montero, but that is some pretty lofty expectations for the kid.

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