Quote: Yankees not at payroll limit, room to improve

The Yankees have talked a lot about budgets this offseason and have used it as an excuse to not go after practically every available player this offseason. It’s enough to make you think the Yankees are out of money.

This is not the case however, at least that’s what team president Randy Levine told Mark Hale of the NY Post.

“There’s obviously room to improve the team,” Levine told The Post yesterday. “I don’t like to get into the amounts, but obviously there’s room to improve the team.”

“We intend to always improve in whichever way we can. So far, after CC, as far as large contracts, we haven’t done anything. But that’s really our choice,” Levine said at the New York Stock Exchange, where he helped ring the opening bell to celebrate today’s New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

“We are always looking to improve,’’ Levine said. “[GM Brian Cashman] is on the phone 24-7. And there’s a long way to go between now and spring training. So whenever there’s an opportunity to get better, we will get better.”

It has certainly seemed at times as if the Yankees aren’t doing anything at all this offseason. Realistically though, $12 million might not seem like a deal breaker for a pitcher like Hiroki Kuroda, but add in $5 million more with the luxury tax and that becomes $17 million for a pitcher that nobody is positive will be able to pitch in the AL East.

The Yankees also like their pitching prospects and so far would rather hold on to them rather than deal them for the starting pitching that has been available on the trade market. The argument could certainly be made that they are holding on a little too tightly to their prospects though.

Realistically, any deal the Yankees could have made so far would have come with a significant amount of risk with it. Even Yu Darvish, whom would have only cost them cash, would have taken a significant commitment for a player who has never played better than the Triple-A equivalent of competition.

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7 Responses to Quote: Yankees not at payroll limit, room to improve

  1. David K. says:

    Not spending money right now doesn't mean we won't do anything halfway through next season. I know a lot of people are upset but, other than Yu Darvish, there really weren't any pitchers out there who I would have wanted. Adding borderline garbage will not put us over the top right now.

  2. richard griffith says:

    Levine, according to your quotes never said he'd bust the payroll budget. We have plenty of trade pieces if it makes sense.

  3. Elena123 says:

    Not upgrading now will make us be 3rd in Al east by trade deadline
    I say go after Cole hamels now

  4. John says:

    The phils arent trading Hamels. Go after Garza.

    • David K. says:

      Yes and I never liked Cole Hamels anyway. He's overrated. I do like Garza though and he has proven himself in the AL east.

  5. Elena123 says:

    Garza is too emotional just like Aj
    In his own head too much

    • David K. says:

      Maybe but he seems to implode against the Yankees more than other teams, so he is the opposite of A.J., who killed the Yankees but can't beat anyone else.

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