Rumor: Mets Shot Down Posada’s Phone Call

Bernie Williams could never bring himself to put on a different uniform after playing his entire career in Pinstripes. Apparently that is not an issue for Jorge Posada.

Posada has reached out to the Mets organization looking for a job, but the Mets turned him down as they are looking for a more defensive catcher, according to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated.

This is just the latest rumor as Posada has already insinuated that he would like to play for the Miami Marlins which is close to his offseason home. It seems like the only way that he will go down as a lifetime Yankee is if nobody is interested in his services.

It’s certainly a possibility that Posada will be without a chair when the music stops playing. He’s 40-years-old and is coming off his worst offensive season in his career. On top of that he’s pretty much a full-time DH now as he wasn’t much of a defensive catcher even in his prime. Considering two other, more qualified DH’s are available on the market, David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero, Posada is not going to have many options.

Hopefully he just retires.

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9 Responses to Rumor: Mets Shot Down Posada’s Phone Call

  1. joe omaha says:

    i guess love for the game is gone, now its love for the money

    • Shavager says:

      I don't see being willing to PLAY for another team as money is more important. He's an athlete playing a game that has limited time of physical participation, wanting to be active and play as long as possible makes it hard for many athletes to willingly give it up. Personally I wish Yanks would've re-signed Jorge for a one year contract at terms Cashman and team were comfortable with and drop any plans of bringing back Andrew Jones. Jorge could spell Swisher in left and fill in at first base for Texiera as well as DH from both sides of the plate.

  2. Christina says:

    Jorge please retire as a Yankee don't do it PLEASE it would be the best decision
    you can make. Posada is and always will be a Yankee!! Don't do it!!!
    Pinstripes Forever

  3. DSC says:

    Posada has lost a lot of skills, why not retire and not embarrass himself? Other older guys haven't sunk as low, so they may have one good year left, but not him.

  4. hotdog says:

    Wny shouldn't Posada want to keep on playing. The guy loves the game and still believes he has something to offer. The only problem I have is possibly seeing him wearing another uniform. I hope he has a great year, preferably in the NL but I would think that his best bet would be an AL team.

  5. Joseph Close says:

    I'm 80 yers old and i just realized that i cant cut the mustard any longer with the ladies, so its just a water sprout now and i accept it. Jorge should do the same. Fuhgedabout playing baseball. Lay down and dream about it, like i do.

  6. Baseballman says:


  7. Shavager says:

    Disagree on this subject, it's a personal decision for Jorge Posada, if he wants to continue playing and Yanks aren't willing to give opportunity and a different team will, go for it Jorge. Too many think in terms of team loyalty instead of looking at the opinion of the player involved, how many are willing to go home and sit drawing SS and retirement if your boss decides you're too old at 40 to participate in your job? In Jorge's case he has money, doesn't have to live like that but he also wants to play as long as possible, that's HIS decision to make–and the decision of any potential team that want to sign him regardless of what fans may or may not like. He can't live his life or play for someone else's ideas or opinions. Good luck Jorge, still a fan whether you retire a lifetime Yankee or with a different jersey on.

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