Rumor: Now the Yankees AREN’T interested in Kuroda

I should fix that headline. The Yankees are¬†certainly interested in former Dodger’s pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, but it seems they aren’t interested in paying him, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

Matthews heard from a Yankees source that even though they like Kuroda, they don’t like his price tag which would be around $12 million and would cost them about another $5 million in luxury tax fees. At around $17 million, even on a one year deal, the Yankees feel like he isn’t a big enough guarantee to be better than the starters they already have.

The Yankees are saying that they don’t have the money. Which is pure BS. They have the money, but it seems like with George Steinbrenner out of the picture profits are just as important as winning. Still, they have a point, $17 million for one year of Kuroda is spending a ton for very little of an upgrade. When you think of it that way it seems easy to pass on him.

If his asking price drops significantly, then expect the Yankees to get involved again.

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2 Responses to Rumor: Now the Yankees AREN’T interested in Kuroda

  1. NYYJJinATL says:

    I respectfully but STRONGLY disagree!!

    It's a ONE year deal….so it won't hurt their 2014 cap plan. The Yankees print money! To cheese now going into the season is penny wise and dollar foolish. I'd rather have Kuroda take the mound in Game 2 of a playoff series ANY day vs AJ Burnett.

  2. Anthony says:

    Don't get him to much for 1 year deal they have Jones back and now land Nakjima

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