Rumor: Roy Owalt now wants a 1-year deal

Free agent starter Roy Oswalt had previously asked for a three-year deal this offseason which rightly scarred off the Yankees, who were probably wondering how a guy goes from contemplating retirement due to a back injury to asking for a long-term commitment.

Apparently it must have scarred off most teams as the former Astro and Phillie is now looking to sign a one-year deal in an effort to show he is healthy and land a multi-year deal next offseason, according to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.

On a one-year deal Oswalt might fit into the Yankees plans. They have been looking to upgrade their rotation, but have found the trade market to be too expensive. Oswalt might be a good alternative as they could sign him for just one season and he wouldn’t effect their long-term payroll plans.

Crasnick said that there are as many as six teams interested in Oswalt on a one-year deal, but he didn’t name them. I’ll keep you updated, especially if the Yankees name gets thrown out there.

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2 Responses to Rumor: Roy Owalt now wants a 1-year deal

  1. Fred says:

    Oswalt for one year

    Cain/Danks/whoever next year if he doesn't pan out well. All you're risking here is the 10-13 mil payroll hit this year, won't affect the ability to shave the payroll down by 2014. A no brainer for me.

  2. Bronx_Knight says:

    I can't figure out what the Yankees are aiming to do … rumor has it they have no interest in Kuroda for a one-year deal. They have no interest in Oswalt, a 3-time All-Star who had an ERA of 2.76 as recently as 2010. His ERA of 3.69 last year was pretty good, albeit 140 innings shows he was hurt.
    I'm gonna assume that the Yanks are scared of Oswalt's age and back injury. But their lack of interest in Kuroda suggests that they just do not want to shell out any money for any pitching this year. This suggests to me that Cashman is gonna wait things out, see what retreads are left in February, and then sign some injured has-beens to minor-league or incentive-laden deals to see what sticks.
    Hey, it worked pretty well in 2011 with Freddy G. and Colon.
    Still, this Ebenezer Scrooge roster approach is kind of depressing … I guess the Yankees have become the Oakland A's.

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