Rumor: Yankees Among Most Interested in Yoenis Cespedes

As soon as we heard Yoenis Cespedes‘ name it was attached to the Yankees and apparently that interest hasn’t wanned in the past few weeks. Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports has reported that the Yankees are among the top three teams interested in the 26-year-old Cuban outfielder.

The general idea has been that the Yankees could be interested in Cespedes as a replacement for Nick Swisher in 2013, but with this morning’s news that they are aiming to cut payroll by 2014, Cespedes may be looked at as a replacement for Curtis Granderson. Granderson has team options that will keep him in Pinstripes though the 2013 season, but he won’t be cheap to re-sign after that. So their interest in signing Cespedes now might be to avoid paying G-Unit upwards of $20 million a year later.

This also may be one of the Yankees last opportunities to make a splash on the international free agent market now that the new collective bargaining agreement severely limits the amount they will be able to spend on IFA’s starting this July.

The Yankees are also said to be interested in 19-year-old Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler as well.

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