Rumor: Yankees declined Carlos Beltran’s offer, again

Via Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

Hear (Carlos Beltran) offered to go to Yankees for the deal he got w/ cards ($26M, 2 yrs). but like 7 yrs ago, they declined.

What Heyman is referring to is right before Beltran signed with the Mets in 2005, he turned around and offered the Yankees a last second chance to sign him. He was even willing to take significantly less money to play in Pinstripes. Now he’s made the Yankees the same offer without a difference in salary though. They were even rumored to have mulled over going after him, but ultimately they are well stocked in the outfield.

If Beltran really wants to be a Yankee so badly, maybe he will try again in two years when he is 37 as a bat off the bench. He could even be the next Andruw Jones. His splits do favor the right side of the plate.

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