Rumor: Yankees have not explored sign-and-trade for Nakajima

The agent for the Japanese infielder Hiroyuki Nakajima, whom the Yankees won the posting for, requested that they explore sign-and-trade so Nakajima could find work as an everyday player. According to Buster Olney of ESPN the Yankees have not yet explored any such possibilities.

The Yankees like Nakajima, they like his make-up and want him to play a key role off their bench. They probably wouldn’t be able to get a lot in value for him in a trade either and they know it so for now it would make sense that they would rather work out a contract with him and just keep him instead of swapping him for a spare part.

This entire back and forth seems more like a negotiating ploy by each side. By asking for a sign-and-trade, Nakajima’s agent is giving the impression that the Yankees might have to pay slightly more to make his client happy. The Yankees, by holding out on shopping him, could make Nakajima desperate to settle on a deal as the 30-day window they have to negotiate runs out.

The two sides have until January 6 to work out a deal otherwise Nakajima goes back to Japan and the Yankees don’t have to pay the posting fee.

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