Rumor: Yankees involved in talks for Garza

The Cubs have dangled Matt Garza on the trade block all offseason, but with other starters like Gio Gonzalez and John Danks now unavailable, it makes it likely that teams will get more aggressive in their talks with the Cubs.

As expected, talks are heating up and the Yankees are said to be involved in talks for the righty, according to David Kaplan of Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. The Blue Jays and Red Sox are also thought to be involved.

The Yankees have liked Garza for over a year now, but have been hesitant to part with a significant package to land him. They probably still wouldn’t include at least two of their top three prospects, but they certainly might include one and could have an increasing urgency to include better secondary prospects with more and more pitchers becoming unavailable.

This is really going to come down to price here. The Mat Latos and Gonzalez deals fetched one heck of a haul. The price for Garza will have to be at least slightly less for them to be serious players. Keep checking back here as we will continue to monitor trade talks.

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10 Responses to Rumor: Yankees involved in talks for Garza

  1. NYYJJinATL says:

    Use Betances as the headliner and GTE THIS DONE CASHMAN!

  2. Mel says:

    I with you JJin, I think this is their best opportunity this off season. Garza will be a nice #2 behind CC and can dominate in the post season like his past performances against the poop sox.

  3. Stewartsmall says:

    As a Cubs fan, Id prefer the B lue Jays system. OTOH, AA has never been known to overpay in trades, so a Stankees offer, if they include say Banuelos/Betances and maybe a Kevin Romine m ight interest me.

    • allencsaunders says:

      The BB's? You talked like you own the Chubs. Take a hike and go to see the Niagara Falls (horseshoe). If you like Toronto so much stay on the other side of the borderline and trade Bautista to the redsox if you want, but don't suggest any trade pertaining the Yankees.

      It's funny that a fan from a perennial losing team proposes any trades from the winingest team in history.

      Now the Cubs should send a goat to Boston to compensate Theo’s departure…

      • Stewartsmall says:

        Bautista would look good in a BOsox Uni, especially since they have no RF worth discussing(and Ryan Sweeney is not it) and they need some RH power. OTOH, maybe you can name me 2 proven Stankees starters not named CC or Novoa?

  4. John says:

    Stewar stankees huh? talk trash when that crap team in the giant urinal wrigley wins something. Go hug that homeless crackhead mascot ronnie poopoo. Go away.
    Now on to real business. Unlike Kuroda we KNOW Garza can handle his business in the AL East. The cub fan can tell you that bum squad lineup and pen cost Garza. Not to mention that idiot Quade. Maybe he doesnt know most cub fans just go get drunk.

  5. John says:

    if they can get Garza and keep Montero and Banuelos I say do it. The cubs have a low rated farm system, hows josh Vitters working out Stewart?
    They need to restock. We need A number 2. That we can count on in postseason. Garza is an LCS MVP. Just like Ryne Sandberg was. Oh wait he never won squat. Garza hasnt been a cub long enough to be stained by loser mentallity.

  6. John says:

    A cub fan Trashtalking the Yankees is like a 3rd world rathole trash talking the US economy.

  7. John says:

    Thank you Allen. Happy new year yankees fans

  8. Anthony says:

    People listen you don't need him I know Yankees get who they want but the farm has a lot of pitching please Cash knows what he is doing release Dickerson ( out of options) now to make room for Jones and then sign Nakjima and release Maxwell to make room on 40 man and then regroup and see what smaller additions you can make

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