Rumor: Yankees make only a modest bid for Yu Darvish

The bidding for Yu Darvish is final and as we wait up to four days for his team to accept or deny the high bid we are hearing some rumors trickle in.

The latest is that the Yankees have placed a bid, but it is thought to only be a modest amount that isn’t likely to win, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. We don’t know exactly what that means, but Heyman added that there was at least one bid that was north of $50 million.

If the Yankees were uncomfortable bidding over $50 million it is hard to fault them, but if they didn’t at least put a bid in the $30-$45 million range then they have let the Kei Igawa debacle blind them. It just doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t bid aggressively for such a young pitcher, still 25, while they are going after a much older Japanese pitcher in Hiroki Kuroda at the same time. If Igawa scares them away from one, shouldn’t he scare them away from another?

Anyway, these are just rumors. We won’t know anything for certain until the final bid is revealed and Brian Cashman addresses this entire process afterward. Seems like an odd offseason for a team supposedly looking to improve their rotation.

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6 Responses to Rumor: Yankees make only a modest bid for Yu Darvish

  1. John says:

    Phil Rogers national baseball writer for the chicago tribune is tweeting the Blue Jays got Yu. Take that for what its worth. Have a great weekend

  2. MikeH says:

    Why would Igawa scare the Yankees off of Kuroda? Kuroda's proven himself in MLB for several years, including playoff pressure against Phillies. Velocity hasn't dropped. He has nothing in common with Igawa or Darvish except being Japanese.

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    As long as we're talking about these players' ethnicities, let's not forget that Darvish is actually half-Persian, half-Japanese. Does that change the calculus at all?

    Have there ever been any MLB players of Persian (or Iranian) descent?

  4. NYYFanInTheATL says:

    Yu can be half Clingon….it doesn't matter! Saying that Igawa sucks so Yu must suck is the same as saying since Gorzolany sucks, Halladay must also suck.

    Secondly, Kiroda is a proven player that will command a one year deal. He would be a great place setter for one of the killer B's. Yu will take a 100 MILL+ outlay from the Yankees and a multi-year deal. BIG difference.

  5. Shavager says:

    His nationality is NOT the problem, it's the baseball background that many come from where the "real" stars may not really be dependable talent for big contracts once they play at MLB level. Yu may be a big star in Japan, doesn't mean he really has the arm to last at high level of competition here for any period of time making a huge monetary commitment a gamble. It's not like his team or his league is turning out Cy Young winners one behind the other, it's been more disappointments than successes right now. Not my money but if I were Yankees I'd be more suspect of Cashman's decisions on pitching talent.

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