Rumor: Yankees “Not Getting” Yu Darvish

The Yankees played it cool this offseason in regards to their interest in Japanese starter Yu Darvish and it looks like they weren’t just bluffing. The winner of the posting process has still not been officially revealed, but the Yankees are “not getting him,” according to Marc Carig of the Neward Star-Ledger.

The Yankees seemed to only have placed a modest last second bid probably in an effort to placate fans that are calling for the rotation to be improved. The Rangers and Blue Jays are said to have placed much more aggressive bids.

Earlier this week Franz Lidz of Sports Illustrated reported that the winning bid topped the $51.1 million fee that the Red Sox paid for Daisuke Matsuzaka back in 2006. The Yankees are expected to be nowhere near that. The Blue Jays bid is expected to be in the $40-$50 million range.

As of right now the Yankees have five starters, but are still supposedly looking to upgrade the rotation. They have talked with teams regarding the trade market, but the asking price on everybody seems to be through the roof. The Reds recently landed Mat Latos in a package that the Yankees would likely only give up for Felix Hernandez.

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  1. Gonzalo says:

    It sounds like It's time to say Kuroda or nothing.
    Hopefully I'm wrong and we get Darvish after all.

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