Rumor: Yankees pursuing Hiroki Kuroda 18

At last year’s trade deadline the Yankees tried to make a deal for Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda only to be told that he wouldn’t waive his no trade clause to leave Los Angeles. This time around he is not only willing to leave LA, but the NL as well and has both the Yankees and the Red Sox pursuing him, according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports.

The Yankees not only tried to trade for him in July, but also tried to sign him last offseason. They still like him a year later, but don’t like his asking price of $12-$13 million. So if they are still pursuing him, this could mean that his price tag is dropping a bit or maybe they haven’t completely forgotten that they are the Yankees.

Or this could just be his agent spreading rumors to keep other teams from making low-ball offers thinking that the Yankees aren’t involved. Either way, the last thing we heard about Kuroda was that he was close to signing with a mystery team that isn’t the Yankees. So if he’s still out on the market generating rumors there is still a chance. We’ll continue to follow him.

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18 thoughts on “Rumor: Yankees pursuing Hiroki Kuroda

  • John

    What do you mean Joe? Wasnt the last two Javy Vazquez tours enough for you. NL pitchers only have a higher era and look like garbage in the AL. There is nothing wrong with NL pitchers except the AL rips them up

  • Marc Perez

    This guy is different. He's been very effective for the last four years and his contract would be for only one year. I'd bet that if they did sign him, he'd put up better stats than both AJ and Freddy and would be a good spot holder until the young guys are ready.

  • Bronx_Knight

    I'm with Marc on this one. Kuroda has put in four straight years of sub-4 ERA, including 200 innings last year at 3.07. This should translate to around a 4 ERA in the AL East. Kuroda would fit in at number 3 in the roster and be good for at least 15 wins.
    We really, really need another solid starter. Given the Yankees' self-imposed salary restraints, and the plethora of free agent starters coming up in 2013, Kuroda would be a great one-year fit.

  • John

    Sub 4era in the bum filled NL west and pitcher friendly dodger stadium. his era would be 4.50 in the AL East. Trust me we will all be on here killing Hiroki Vazquez/ Javy Kuroda.

  • John

    Kuroda is old and bad. Stats be damned. Make any stat you want this guy will get hamnered in the AL. I dont want to see this bum for 12 mil.

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