Rumor: Yankees Willing to Deal Prospects for Big Names

This shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone, but Buster Olney of ESPN wrote a short piece describing the Yankees trade strategy.

He said that essentially the Yankees want to hold on to their prospects, but every now and then they call the Seattle Mariners to ask about King Felix Hernandez. He said they would also be willing to take a  run at Clayton Kershaw or even a big bat like Joey Votto if he became available.

From what we have seen since Brian Cashman got more authority after the 2006 season is that it is the Yankees first preference to keep their prospects. However when Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee became available they were willing to move Jesus Montero. What Olney is saying is that the same thing will be true with other big names that go on the trade block.

Cashman told John Harper of the NY Daily News this week that he won’t make a trade just to make a trade. Until something comes up that makes sense he is going to sit on his hands. It doesn’t seem like he’s sitting around just being passive though if he is calling the Mariners every few weeks to ask about Hernandez.

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2 Responses to Rumor: Yankees Willing to Deal Prospects for Big Names

  1. John says:

    King Felix is a pipe dream wont happen at all.
    Living here in Chicago I hear alot about the Cubs being willing to move Garza but it would take alot to get him, the previous GM gave up a good haul of prospects for him.
    I also hear that Kenny Willims has called Cashman about John Danks and Matt Thornton. Have you heard anything on this?
    I know the White Sox have to dump money and Danks wont sign a long term deal. Im NOT a big Danks fan at all but he would be an upgrade Maybe.
    Like Ive said something will get done next week.
    Thanks everyone have a great weekend

  2. Bip says:

    Yankees had better put together the best package of prospects the world has ever seen if they want to make a move on Kershaw. 24 years old, coming off a Cy Young season, three years of team control left, never been on the DL, has improved every year he's been in the bigs, left-handed, etc etc.

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