Rumor: Yankees Willing to Eat Cash to Deal Burnett

They may be looking to add starting pitchers this offseason, but the Yankees are trying to subtract at least one – A.J. Burnett – and are even willing to eat up to $8 million to make him more attractive, according to George King of the NY Post.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that teams are interested in Burnett even as the Yankees take a bite out of the $33 million he is owed over the next two seasons.

It’s impossible to say if they would eventually be willing to eat more of the money he is owed, but at some point a team would likely bite if they did. As bad as A.J. has been for the Yankees, he’s been able to go out and make his scheduled start every fifth day. Once the major free agents are off the market it is possible somebody could view him as a potential fall back option.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees Willing to Eat Cash to Deal Burnett

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    This would be the single best move they could make this off season. I say bite the bullet and move the guy. $8 mil, $10 mil what's the diff? Just look at it as money saved off the $16.5 mil, pay it and give the spot to Noesi. There really isn't any other way to trade Burnett: either take some other club's slug contract (Zambrano?) or pony up the money and take a minor leaguer in return.

    • David K. says:

      Pony up and get a minor leaguer back. We don't need another piece of dead wood around here. I've been saying for a year now that we need to get rid of A.J. no matter what.

  2. Robert Mackenzie says:

    They will probably have to eat $13 mill at least, they know it, thats why they started it at $8 mill so when they negotiate the other team will feel better

  3. You're on the wrong site with your comments, go back to the NYPost with your ignorant racism.

  4. Rock Raines says:

    If no one bites, just release the BUM!

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