Rumors: Yankees didn’t like price for Mat Latos

The Yankees have been linked through rumors to nearly every starting pitcher available this offseason except for the one who was actually traded, Mat Latos.

The reason the two sides were never connected is because the Yankees didn’t like the Padres asking price for the young pitcher and weren’t prepared to give up any of their top prospects for him, according to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York.

Since the trade, the Latos deal has been evidence of the huge asking price for starting pitchers this offseason. The Reds were desperate to improve their rotation and needed to deal Edinson Volquez, their top two prospects (Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal) and then another top prospect as well just to land Latos, who doesn’t have nearly the track record as other pitchers on the trade block.

If that is the price for Latos, then it is easy to see why the A’s are asking for a king’s ransom for Gio Gonzalez or the Cubs for Matt Garza. It is becoming more and more apparent that if the Yankees can somehow manage to deal for a starter this winter, it will be for John Danks, who will likely take fewer prospects because he is older and one year away from free agency. But even with him, the White Sox are asking for the Yankees top prospects.

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One Response to Rumors: Yankees didn’t like price for Mat Latos

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    I think NY is done for the off season. They are not dealing all their top prospects for anything less than a true ace, and Gonzalez does not come close to being an ace. At this point, unless they give up on Hughes (please) or find someone to take Burnett off their hands (please Santa!) then they probably won't even add Kuroda. Looks like Cashman is doubling down on Plan B, holding the line until the kids are ready.

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