Yankees former 1st rounder Brackman signs with the Reds

It was a little surprising when the Yankees didn’t pick up Andrew Brackman‘s option this offseason, but considering it was worth $2 million and he took a giant step backwards last season it wasn’t totally without merit.

Still, I wanted to see the Yankees re-sign him for maybe a lesser deal, but instead he has signed a major league contract with the Cincinnati Reds, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. The deal is worth the league minimum, about $500K, and has incentives included, Heyman reported.

QUICK BACKGROUND: He was a coveted two-sport athlete in college that fell in the draft because of signability and more serious injury concerns. He slid to 30th where it seemed like a coup. He needed Tommy John Surgery immediately after the draft, the Yankees knew that and still gave him a huge major league deal worth as much as $13 million out of them.

MOVING ON: It’s sad to see him go as it is always hard losing a first round draft pick. However, he did have severe control problems that he may be a few years away from correcting and was already starting to get paid some serious cash. He also is a Cincinnati kid so it isn’t surprising that he choose to go home instead of re-upping with the team that drafted him.

Hopefully the Yankees don’t end up regretting this, I somehow doubt they will.

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2 Responses to Yankees former 1st rounder Brackman signs with the Reds

  1. Henry says:

    As usual the Yankees sail like a Shipwithout a Captain.

  2. Susan says:

    Come on, how would you expect the Yankees to scrape together two million dollars? That's asking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much from this new Yankee regime.