Yankees will tender contracts to 6 players

As expected, the Yankees will tender contracts to all six of their arbitration eligible players by tonight’s 11:00 p.m. deadline, according to Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal.

Those players include Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Brett Gardner, David Robertson, Russell Martin and Boone Logan. All six players are still relatively cheap and useful to the Yankees so there was never any doubt that any of them would return.

Martin, who a total of $5.375 million after incentives in 2011, will likely get the highest salary of the group as he will no doubt get a raise over that. Hughes, who earned $2.7 million last year, will also get a nice raise despite his waste of a season and will probably be the second highest paid of the group.

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5 Responses to Yankees will tender contracts to 6 players

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Rob, you are giving me indigestion mentioning Hughes getting a raise. I was always high on him, but 2012 is the" perform or get out" year. I hope he does just enough to be tradeable.

  2. Bernard Sandow says:

    The Yankees should look very closely at Hughes and Colon to check the velocity of their respective fastballs. If Hughes fastball does not reach the 93 to 96 level, they should seriously consider trading him for whatever they can get. Bartolo was every bit as good as anyone in the league the first half of the year until he injured his calf. He was reaching 97 late in the game and was consistently hitting 93-95. If he hasn't lost his velocity, they should sign him asap. Evidently the surgery in the Dominican Republic worked well.

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    They fixed Colon's arm, but he's still big and fat and slow and hadn't really pitched in like 5 years, so it's no surprise that his performance dropped as the season wore on. I continue to like Colon as a spot starter/long reliever.

  4. Shavager says:

    Martin's a definite re-sign, Logan too unless Yanks can find a lefty with better stats. Robertson's production last year speaks for itself, he'll get a raise and re-signed, probably Joba. I'd consider resigning Gardner and trading him in a package with Hughes for a quality starter, add on Cervelli to the package for a #2 starter. Yankees biggest weakness last two years has been starting pitchers, if they don't improve that significantly the playoffs will be a memory.

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