Bartolo Colon signs with A’s ending his Yankee era

Not that there was much of a chance that he would return after the trade for Michael Pineda and signing of Hiroki Kuroda, but the Bartolo Colon era is officially over as the burly righty signed a one-year deal with the Oakland Athletics, according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.

The Yankees signed Colon off the scrap heap last season and they ended up getting a very strong performance out of him for the first half of the season. Midway through though he pulled his groin and never got the same movement, velocity, or control of his pitches again.

It might not have been the injury though, he might have just broken down after piling on a ton of innings during the previous winter and then early in the season. Something he has not been used to as he hadn’t pitched that much since 2005.

Either way, the Yankees currently have seven potential starters for five spots so Colon was not needed.

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3 Responses to Bartolo Colon signs with A’s ending his Yankee era

  1. Michael Pimentel says:

    Good luck to Colon! He was a pretty good move by Cashman. With the depth of starters the Yankees now have I think signing with A's was the smartest career choice for Bartolo.

  2. Bronx_Knight says:

    Colon was a beautiful find for us last year and, along with Garcia, a triumph for Cashman. Now that we've added Kuroda and Pineda, no room for Colon now on the Yanks (and no, I'm not talking about his girth).

    I wish Bartolo well this year with the A's.

  3. Fred says:

    Did they give him a major league deal? If so, good for Colon. He was great for most of the season last year, shame that injury really brought him down

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