Girardi says no 6-man rotation for Yankees

The Yankees foolishly sent Ivan Nova down to the minor leagues midseason last year and then after a month of dominance down there they had no other choice but to call him up again.

Instead of removing either A.J. Burnett or Phil Hughes, both of whom were under performing, the Yankees began the boondoggle that was the six-man rotation. Luckily it sounds like we’re being sparred that situation this year, a realistic possibility considering that they will have seven starters fighting for five rotation spots.

“I can tell you it won’t be a seven- or six-man rotation; it’ll be five,” Joe Girardi told Bryan Hoch of, with a laugh. “If we were going to leave today, we’d have to make some tough decisions. It’s something that we’re going to take time to evaluate. I’m in no hurry.

Unfortunately Girardi wouldn’t tip his hat as to which five it will be.

“I can tell you that CC is in our rotation and that he’s going to start the first game of the year,” Girardi said. “But in saying that, I’m not sure that everything is done before we go to Spring Training. Right now, we’ve got seven starters and we’re going to have to make some decisions.

“Right now, it appears that we have a surplus of starters, but a lot can change.”

The Yankees have CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda leading the rotation next season with Hiroki Kuroda and Ivan Nova behind them. Freddy Garcia, Hughes and Burnett will likely be fighting for the No. 5 spot unless somebody is traded.

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6 Responses to Girardi says no 6-man rotation for Yankees

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Unless someone is traded? At least one of them will be traded, and possibly two. My fear is that they'll trade Garcia instead of Burnett.

  2. I think one thing we know about Brian Cashman is that he won't make a trade just to make a trade. If it doesn't make the Yankees better than he's not going to make a trade. I think it is certainly a real possibility that they might wait until the deadline in July.

  3. hotdog says:

    How do you all feel about Nova. Great rookie year but is he the real deal?

  4. hotdog says:

    By the way, what do you think CC is pointing at and why?

  5. Jacques says:

    Send Hughes to Triple-A and make him develop his secondary pitch. (he has one more minor league option left.)
    Garcia to bullpen and make him a starter if anyone falters or is injured.
    Give AJ few starts and make him prove that he belongs. He not, replace him with Freddy/ Hughes.

    The reason why I favored AJ over Freddy is because of durability. AJ pitched 185 IP+ for the last 4 yrs. Freddy averaged about 150 IP last two season. I don't think letting Garcia pitch the whole season will be good when playoffs start (if he is needed)

  6. hotdog says:

    You can never tell with AJ. Odds are that he'll struggle again in 2012 but he could surprise everyone and put in a great year. Not betting on it though.

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