MLB Exec: Burnett unlikely to get traded

It’s getting down to the wire here and the Yankees still have two spots to fill on their roster, DH and backup third basemen.

Sure we’ve heard rumors that they have been talking to Bill Hall and are interested in Raul Ibanez, but pitchers and catchers report in less than three weeks and nothing has been done to fill those spots yet.

So what are the Yankees waiting for? Well they would prefer to fill those positions through a trade rather than signing players as free agents. Specifically they would like to trade A.J. Burnett, who is owed $33 million over the next two seasons. However, it doesn’t appear that is likely to happen.

Andrew Marchand of spoke with an MLB GM this week that outlined a number of problems that the Yankees face in trying to deal him right now.

Essentially they are all things we’ve talked about. People don’t trust A.J., even if the Yankees eat a good portion of his salary. The GM also pointed out that there were, and probably still are, options available on the free agent market if a team were desperate for pitching.

This is all stuff we’ve heard before. If the Yankees are going to have a hope in dealing him it probably won’t be until spring training when injuries start hurting rotations. They may even have to wait until the trade deadline in July if they can move him at all.

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15 Responses to MLB Exec: Burnett unlikely to get traded

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    So we can't trade AJ, and we can't have a six-man rotation. Maybe the thing to do is trade Garcia (whose trade value will probably never be higher), and let AJ and Hughes duke it out for the fifth spot in the rotation, with the loser going to the bullpen.
    Well, OK, I don't want to trade Garcia either. What to do?

  2. john says:

    File this under the sky is blue category.
    Nobody will take him.
    In other shocking news the knicks suck.

  3. David says:

    Right now, if the Yanks are going to swing a deal, it could be Hughes that goes. I have mixed feelings about that because he is young enough to still be better and only a year and a half from an 18 win season. I'd hate to trade him for trading sake and because they cannot move Burnett. Garcia would be fine as a 6th starter/long reliever for now. He cannot be traded until June at the earliest. Let Burnett and Hughes duke it out for the 5 slot at this point. Not that you want a malcontent in the bullpen, but until Joba is back in June, there is going to be a need for a 6th/7th inning guy in the pen which Hughes could fill. I still doubt that there won't be something done before or during spring training though

  4. Bronx_Knight says:

    Well said. When Cashman said (was it last week?) that he viewed Hughes purely as a starter, I saw that as a sign that Hughes was available to be traded (given that we have seven starters). (Since Burnett is untradeable.) But you can make an argument that it would be smarter to trade Garcia, because his trade stock right now is as high as it's gonna get (in light of last year's strong performance), while Hughes' stock is relatively low. Plus, although he's damaged goods, Hughes' upside still remains potentially high, while Garcia's upside is … well, last year might have been his last good year.
    I like Garcia but I wouldn't be surprised to see him traded for that bat we need.

  5. ron lemmo says:

    Good comments here. I personally like and hope A.J. takes a good look around him at spring training and sez…"Hey…I better get me arse in gear and my head straight because I'm gonna be outta here if I don't". Like him or not, A.J. has the most dynamite stuff of any pitcher in the majors. I love watching his curve ball break away and "fall off the table" as it does. Maybe Rothschild can make him see the light. If not…I think the only teams willing to take him on would be the humpties like Pittsburgh,,,teams that ain't goin' nowhere. If A.J. wants another ring he needs to stay where he is and PERFORM as he can.

  6. j.r. says:

    the yanks could use another young bat so hughes and a prospect will get what they need.with ped's going away the pitcher has taken over the last two years,that is why montero was inportant to the yankees.i was suprised to see toronto turned down a trade for pineda for their young third baseman.i think the yankees will regret this trade.

  7. Tanned Tom says:

    Any player is tradeable. Find another team's bad contract and swap. Burnett for Bay? Or eat the money and take a minor leaguer in return. And please let's stop with this "most dynamite stuff" crapola. A 92 mph fastball with no movement is like batting practice for major league hitters. They lay off the curve no matter how tempting, and force him to bring the heater, then they crush it. Hardly great stuff. Problem with this head case is that he HAD very good stuff and so he threw it, but never learned how to pitch. Now he's in his mid-thirties and his stuff has diminished, but he still hasn't learned how to pitch. The very opposite of Freddy Garcia. And no way you trade a player who is a valuable mentor to Nova and maybe even Pineda.
    Garcia gets the 5th spot. Burnett and Hughes work out of the pen until Cashman can move one or both of them.
    Nothing else makes any sense.

  8. gordybravo says:

    Well said Tanned Tom,I just think his problem is not in his stuff It's in his head.the last place he pitched really well was with Toronto. I think he's a simple man and he likes low pressure places. Like the great Randy Johnson,look what happened to him in NY,and how he pitched after leaving. The Yankees can't sign country boys, 95% of them can't take the pressure. To play in NY you can't relax,there is always somebody on you.The fans the press people always wanting something from you ex…………. I used to pitch alittle and I remember when you get distracted or don't care you just go through the motions. It's not his stuff he just does not care. maybe in the last year of his contract he'll find his will.

  9. jwmann2 says:

    COuld someone please tell me what is wrong with Vlad Guerrero at DH? He DH'd for the Rangers the year before last and you saw how well that went; World Series. As long as his weight is on par, he is a better fit than Damon or Matsui.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      I think the Yanks want a DH who does not ONLY DH (Matsui 2009 being an exception) but who can also play the field (the rotating DH thing), which Vlad can't (remember him in the field in the 2010 World Series?). What worries me about Vlad is that although he hit .290 last year, he had just 13 HR and 63 RBI in the bandbox that is Camden Yards (OPS+ 101). He'll be 37 in about a week. He had a great 2010, but I'm worried about last year. Besides, he made $7.6MM in 2011, $5MM in 2010 and probably won't come down to what the Yanks want to dish out. Be it Vlad or be it Matsui, the knees are a concern. Let's not forget one fundamental aspect of baseball—the need to run the bases. You can't have someone out there who clogs up the basepaths once he gets on (ala the Giambino when he was with the Yanks). You want someone who can score from first on a double up the gap, not be held at third and then possibly be left stranded. Baserunning is such an overlooked and underrated part of the game.

  10. Shavager says:

    At least with Damon you get a guy that can run the bases though he's not a Brett Gardner by any means, Matsui nor Guerrera cannot run any more. Trade Garcia, nobody's gonna step up to take Burnett's contract, besides check his last 4 games last year including the playoff against Tigers–he was as good as Garcia and better than Colon–Garcia tires after mid-season and will not produce in second half run like he did in first half. Burnett needs to regain confidence, get his ball rotation and location back in groove to be the Burnett of old. If Yanks can't trade him Rothschild needs to work with his confidence, FIX him and his problem.

  11. lou says:

    cubs and yanks need to swap burnett and soriano. two bad contracts but a win-win for both teams. soriano still has pop and a rebirth in new york is what his ego needs. he can also play a crappy left field on days when gardner needs a rest. plus chicago is willing to eat some of his contract

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Why put Soriano in LF when Gardner needs a rest when you have a former multi-GG winner in Andruw Jones?

  12. Yankeesfansince1952 says:

    Why don't the Yankees trade Burnett for the player to be later?

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