Nakajima signs $3.64 million deal with Seibu

Japanese infielder Hiroyuki Nakajima, who failed to reach an agreement with the Yankees after they won his posting rights, re-signed with his former team the Seibu Lions yesterday on a one-year $3.64 million deal plus incentives, according to Patrick Newman of the NPB Tracker.

The Yankees wanted him on a six-year deal or a one-year $1 million deal. They potentially could have gone up to $3.64 million, but the money was never a huge issues for Nakajima, it was the playing time.

Nakajima will now play one more year in Japan. At that point he will have enough service time that he can come back to America without going through the posting system. That won’t guarantee him more money, but it will allow him to negotiate with a team that is willing to offer him a starting spot, something the Yankees obviously couldn’t offer.

I doubt the Yankees will be interested in him when he returns to The States next year. It seemed as if they almost won the bidding for him by accident as their $2 million bid is historically low for that type of player.

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