Phil Hughes signs for $3.2 million to avoid arbitration

The Yankees agreed to a deal with Phil Hughes on a one-year $3.2 million deal that will avoid an arbitration hearing between the two sides, according to CAA Baseball.

Despite the fact that last season was a lost cause, Hughes earned himself a raise of about $500K over his $2.7 million salary that he earned last year. The Yankees currently have seven pitchers fighting for five rotation spots and Hughes very well could end up in the bullpen to start the season without an extraordinary spring training.

The bullpen might be the best place for him as his ERA is about three and a half points lower out of the pen and both his K/9 and BB/9 numbers are significantly better. He has also failed to develop significant secondary pitches limiting how effective he can be in the rotation.

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2 Responses to Phil Hughes signs for $3.2 million to avoid arbitration

  1. john says:

    But he won 18 games and was an all star. Thats what mgt says about him.
    I like hughes but wins arent a good enough stat for a pitcher and he only made the all star team because Girardi was the manager.
    I think you trade him now since AJ is the number 5 the next two years. There is no sucker gonna take him

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      Slight correction: AJ is the number SIX for the next two years, unless you think AJ should start ahead of Freddy Garcia. Hughes should do well in the bullpen. He's done well there historically, plus he has a history of injuries, and limiting his innings might help on that account as well.
      As you point out, a trade of AJ is unlikely. AJ's a head case, so I doubt he'd do well out of the pen (but who knows: maybe not worrying about starting would help hime do well out of the pen). Otherwise, let AJ pitch in Scranton or Trenton.

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