Photo of the Day: Hipster-Rod

Why did they call Alex Rodriguez a lightning rod for years? Because he doesn’t even have to do anything to generate news sometimes. Like the time he took pictures topless in Central Park, or the time he took those weird pictures of him kissing himself in the mirror, or the time Cameron Diaz fed him popcorn at the Super Bowl.

Now we are treated to Hipster-Rod. A-rod was recently shot with girlfriend Torie Wilson and friend Cindy Crawford and his new glasses are certainly double-take worthy.

I really don’t know what to say. Really though, as far as A-Rod controversy goes, this is mundane.

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5 Responses to Photo of the Day: Hipster-Rod

  1. NYYJJinATL says:

    Arod is a "lightning rod" for the media….because the MEDIA decided they needed one!

    Who hasn't sunned with no shirt on? None of your girlfriends ever fed you anything? Arod is the only dude to ever wear glasses? Seriously.

  2. Bronx_Knight says:

    I was wondering if the glasses meant that he had been hiding his poor eyesight from the Yankees, so we could void his contract, but, on closer scrutiny, they look like reading glasses, so, no dice.
    He does look kind of doofy with those big owl glasses on, though.

    • theboogiedown says:

      Yeah real doofy, you can tell because of the two heinous women sitting on either side of him. Got your glasses on?

      • Bronx_Knight says:

        It's not too tough to get the attraction of hot ladies when you're a professional athlete who makes $30M per year.
        But one of those ladies is Cindy Crawford, so my hat is off to A-Rod.

  3. Joe says:

    A-Rod controversy ? so stupid, the guy is at a basketball game reading a magazine, was this really worth the ink ?

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